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Safe working clothes with high wearing comfort

Chemical protection coveralls for the oil and gas industry

Workers in the oil and gas industry are exposed to a wide range of hazards. In addition to liquid and gaseous chemicals, oils and lubricants, these hazards also include dry particulates, spray mists, water splashes and working in an explosive atmosphere. Where such hazards cannot be completely eliminated, appropriate personal protective equipment must be provided.

Dupont offers a complete range of chemical protection coveralls which are suitable for various activities and exposure scenarios. The company has just recently updated its range of Tychem brand type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B coveralls and added four new models. These afford reliable protection against numerous organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals, infective agents (EN 14126:2003) and radioactive particles (EN 1073–2:2002), and have an antistatic treatment on the inside (EN 1149–5:2008).

Excellent tightness

In the light of ever more stringent workplace limit values, there is growing demand for chemical protection coveralls which have very high tightness. This led Dupont to develop the Tychem 6000 F Faceseal, the flagship of the updated Tychem range, which has a series of innovative design features, such as a wide rubber seal (Faceseal) on the hood that fits closely and without creases against a respirator mask. This ensures a very high level of tightness in this critical area which cannot be achieved with conventional taping. Thanks to its convenient back entry, the front of the coverall has no openings through which hazardous substances could penetrate. The garment is also easy to put on and take off. The zip extending right across the back is secured with a flap and snap fasteners.

The chemical resistant undergloves attached directly to the sleeves of the Tychem 6000 F Faceseal are another feature which enhances tightness. The coverall also has integrated socks which can be worn in safety shoes or boots as well as knee-level boot flaps. Combined with antistatic shoes, the conductive strips in the socks provide earthing and ensure that electrostatic charges are safely dissipated.

Excellent wearer comfort

The Tychem 6000 F has an ergonomic cut and is lightweight (500 g), enabling great freedom of movement and allowing the wearer to work unimpededly. Another comfort feature is the knitted inner cuff on the double sleeve system which prevents chafing at the wrist or against the glove. An integral thumb loop ensures that the sleeves do not slip up during overhead work. The two-part hood fits closely against a respirator mask. The double zip on the front of the coverall has a double flap which can be tightly sealed using a hook and loop closure and adhesive tape.

Tychem 4000 S is a lightweight, comfortable chemical protection coverall. Its double zip and double sleeve system also guarantee a high level of protection. The white colour of the fabric enhances safety by making the wearer stand out well against many different backgrounds. The overtaped seams offer the same level of protection as the garment fabric itself. Attached socks are available as an option for the Tychem 4000 S.

Tychem F with dissipative socks completes the updated range. Combined with antistatic shoes, the socks’ conductive strips, which reach up to the boot flap, ensure that electrostatic charges are safely dissipated.

Flame protection

Tychem Thermopro is a protective solution which provides protection against chemicals, flash fires and electric arcs at the same time. The company has developed a new material which combines tried and trusted Tychem and Nomex protection technologies in a single layer. The Tychem component affords protection against numerous chemicals, while the flame resistant Nomex fibres protect the wearer from exposure to high temperatures and flames. Together they provide the vital extra seconds needed to escape from a flash fire. Since the material does not continue to burn after flame exposure, this protective clothing helps to minimise burns. Tychem-Thermopro is available as a coverall, a combination of bib overall and jacket or a sleeved apron. The product range for the oil, gas and chemical industries is rounded off by Tychem TK gas-tight suits.

Assistance with selection

Given the complexity of chemical protection issues, Dupont provides numerous tools to assist safety professionals in assessing risks and selecting protective clothing. These include the Safespec online tool available in five languages, which allows protective coveralls and accessories to be selected and compared by brand, design, type, standard and type of hazard as well as providing direct access to all available product information and permeation data for Dupont protective clothing for some 1500 tested chemicals in addition to information about suppliers. The company also supplies samples for wear tests under real working conditions and, on request, can offer training in the safe handling of protective clothing.

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