Bead mill produces nanoparticles

The future is nano

The Nanowitt bead mill produces nanoparticles with a size of 50 to 500 nm Picture: Frewitt
Known substances that are milled into nanoparticles take on new properties. Active ingredients increase their potency, thus allowing better drug formulation and dosage for a more targeted fight against diseases. The nanoparticles can be prepared on the Nanowitt-Lab from Frewitt.

Nanotechnology refers to the production, analysis and application of structures that are at least one dimension smaller than 100 nm. The particles are 1000 times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. The use of nanotechnology is not only increasing for surface treatment but is also delivering impressive results in the medical industry. Frewitt has tackled the nano challenge with the development of a bead mill, known as the Nanowitt. This device for drug development and formulation is further detailed in the following. The Nanowitt-Lab allows materials to be wet-milled down to a particle size of 50 nm. The milling chamber’s modular design is ideal for milling quantities ranging from a few milligrams to up to 1.5 kg. The specified range depends on the solids content.

This compact lab device is easy to integrate and – thanks to its intuitive control system – can be set up and made ready to work in a very short time. The patented Nanowitt design unites short milling times with low specific energy, resulting in gentle product processing, no hot spots, only minimal product contamination and tight particle size distribution. The unique dynamic separator (DS) with no filter prevents clogging and hectic operation, which are continual problems with other technologies. In addition to providing stable processing conditions, the DS supports direct in-line sampling and integration of an in-line particle size measurement.

The Nanowitt’s cGMP design furthermore offers user-friendly operation and easy bead handling combined with high product recovery.

Modifications with a flick of the wrist

Frewitt has retained its proven modular system for changing the milling head on the Fredrive-Lab platform. With just a single tri-clamp, the particularly lightweight nano milling head is readily interchangeable and integrates conveniently into a rigid or flexible isolator. After removal, the milling head can be cleaned quickly and easily.

The Nanowitt-Lab is designed to mill all types of powders, achieving a homogeneous product whose particle size can be measured with a real-time PAT solution if desired. Batch or semi-batch processing and simplified filling/emptying round off the technical features of this new bead mill for nanoparticles.

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Author : Christian Rhême

Senior Project Manager – Nanotech,



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