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Quadruple offset butterfly valve

Absolutely tight in cryogenic applications

Neither extreme pressures nor extreme temperatures of -270 to +800 °C represent a major challenge for the Quadax Bild: Müller Quadax
Butterfly valves need to meet the highest requirements in terms of tightness and longevity. In the oil and gas sector, the petrochemical industry, refineries and, for example, LNG or LPG applications, extreme pressures and wide temperature ranges mean that excellence in design and materials is essential. A quadruple offset butterfly valve supplies a patented, friction-free solution which eliminates leakage.

Valve manufacturer Müller Quadax focuses on a completely round sealing geometry, which contrasts with that of its triple offset butterfly valves. This is possible due to the intelligent design principle and access to modern 5-axis machining centres. Thanks to its special design, the Quadax meets the highest tightness demands in every respect. In addition, neither extreme pressures nor extreme temperatures of -270 to +800 °C represent a major challenge. Owing to the four-way eccentricity and the use of the highest quality materials, the Quadax is tight in both directions right up to full pressure. Since the valve is friction-free and produces no wear on the seat, the risk of failure is greatly reduced while simultaneously extending the service life. In addition, the high Kv value allows a smaller nominal pipe diameter. As well as ensuring more economical maintenance intervals, this frees up additional potential for cutting ongoing costs. The flap is “fire-safe” in both directions in accordance with ISO 10497, API 607 and BS 6755, and hence ideal for processes involving flammable media and explosive atmospheres.

Cryogenic processes without leakage

The demand for equipment for storing and processing liquefied natural gas (LNG) has risen significantly in recent years because cooling to -162 °C and the resultant liquefaction of the gas leads to an approximately 600-fold increase in storage capacity. One disadvantage of the triple offset design commonly used in this industry is that it is unable to ensure 100 % tightness. Due to thermal variations, the different wall thicknesses lead to an uneven distribution of the material on the seat – a problem that is rendered obsolete by the quadruple offset design. The perfectly rounded sealing geometry of this valve type with an identical material thickness all round guarantees bubble-free tightness in cryogenic applications (down to -196 °C) or wherever extreme temperature fluctuations occur. The manufacturer exceeded the specifications of the current BS 6364 valve standard with this product and achieved zero visible leakage in the test. One practical application can be seen at Linde AG, who use the shut-off valve for their air separation plants.
The company has confirmed that the quadruple offset butterfly valve is the most suitable component for controlling their cryogenic processes.

Müller Quadax

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