Plant Processing

Operators benefit from integrated concepts

Explosion safety in bulk solids processing

Each facility has its own special features regarding bulk material processing. However, usually comparable standard equipments and machines are installed, such as equipment for bulk material unloading, conveyors, elevators, silos, screens, mills and filters. Suitable explosion prevention......

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Chemical resistant diaphragm pumps for scale-up in chemical process technology

Scalable vacuum supply

We’ve all been there. A process works well in the laboratory, yet issues arise during scale-up to production size. Thanks to seamless vacuum technology from......

Oil-free screw pumps for industrial use

Efficient dry runners

Contamination, particles, outgassings or vapours which are introduced into the pump cannot harm a Varodry. These one-hundred-percent oil-free, dry-compressing......

Explosion protection for centrifuges and dryers

Customised inerting concepts

Wherever explosive substances are handled, plant owners in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are responsible for operator and environmental safety and......

Electric actuators for anti-surge valves

Next level of automation

An electric servo actuator for anti-surge control valves (ASCV) developed by Festo in cooperation with Shell Global Solutions (SGSI) offers clear benefits......

Safe transport of BHET

Filling containers in a closed nitrogen loop

Conveying and handling are critical steps in any production process. Together with Ioniqa, Dinnissen has developed a closed-loop pneumatic transport system for......

Plant Processing

Multi-stage pumps

The Spx Flow Clyde Union Pumps (CUP) brand is known for its provision of reliable, long life pumping solutions. From this range, its CUP-BB3 and CUP-BB5HP......

Reliable protection

Explosion isolation flap valves IFV

IEP Technologies‘ IFV and IFV-M isolation flap valves are typically required where two or more process vessels are linked by ductwork and an explosion......

Combination of compressed air treatment and continuous monitoring

Guaranteed clean and germ-free

When the aim is to increase process reliability and resource efficiency, attention should also be paid to compressed air treatment. The quality of compressed......


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