Tableting with double-sided rotary press

High performance for large batches

With its FE Series, Fette Compacting developed a tailor-made technology for every task. The FE75 tablet press rounds off this acclaimed series of machines. This double-sided rotary press has an output of over 1.6 million tablets per hour requiring a floor space of just two square metres.

Easy to dose, transport and use, tablets will remain the most important means of administering medicines for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, production requirements and standards are steadily rising. As a result of increased competition and pressure on prices, the subject of efficiency has moved into the centre of attention. At the same time, pharmaceutical producers have to guarantee the highest quality standards at all their sites to satisfy the requirements of the FDA and EMA regulatory authorities. Furthermore, the production of novel complex compounds has to be carried out in an appropriately quality-oriented and efficient way – with more and more frequent product changes conforming to the norm. As a result, tablet press availability is rapidly becoming the main criterion for efficiency in pharmaceutical production.

Over 1.6 million tablets per hour
In 2014, Fette Compacting added the FE75 double-sided rotary press to its FE Series. Like its predecessors, it combines efficient production with simple operation. In addition, it requires only minimal space in relation to its output: with a footprint of only two square metres and a yield of over 1.6 million tablets per hour, the FE75 sets new standards in tableting productivity. Clean room costs can be significantly reduced with this winning combination.
A glance at the individual features of this tablet press immediately reveals where changed production requirements have been answered with technological innovation. When it comes to compression, for example, the FE75 uses four identical compression stations. They enable it to work with two intermediate pres-sures and process products that are otherwise difficult to compress. Direct compression of single and double-layer tablets is no longer a problem. It is also important that the effort involved in product changes is kept to a minimum. Here, a patented turret changing process enables the turret to be lifted using a simple lever mechanism and then removed from the machine. As a result, the operator can exchange the turret quickly without additional assembly time. The machine’s control system subsequently identifies the turret configuration, obviating the need for further intervention by the operator. As a result, downtime is reduced, thereby cutting the producer’s costs.
The FE75 is an excellent solution for very large batches. Configured with FS12 punches and 115 stations, this tablet press achieves a maximum output of over 1.6 million tablets per hour. In addition, pneumatically controlled product scrapers ensure constant contact pressure and minimise product losses. Filling devices fitted on both sides make it possible to process even the most challenging product mixtures easily and reliably. The redesigned lubrication system, in which the heads and shafts of the punches are oiled separately, enables lubrication on demand. The machine also delivers a consistently high standard of product quality at high turret rotation speeds.
User-friendly operation
As in the other models in the FE Series, Fette Compacting has fully implemented its Tri.Easy design concept in the FE75. The idea behind this is very simple: technology can only be truly efficient if it is equally easy to use in all three dimensions – operation, changeover and maintenance. That’s why the Tri.Easy design focuses on users and guarantees trouble-free production irrespective of each operator’s experience and level of qualification. One important element of this operating strategy is the human-machine interface with a keyboard, touch screen and Windows Embedded 7 operating system. All processing equipment is connected using a standardised plug-and-play interface with integrated cables and dust extraction. The extraction unit, which features a completely tubeless design, is another highlight. It has a fixed position which makes it practically impossible to install the unit incorrectly. The advantage for users is obvious: faster, easier fitting and changeover during cleaning.

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