Lab unit for fluid and spouted bed processes

Flexible in use

ProCell LabSystem can be equipped with four different systems
ProCell LabSystem is the largest mobile Glatt lab unit. It has evolved from the ProCell 5 unit and can be equipped with four different process systems, according to the needs of the desired product and the necessary process. All fluid and spouted bed processes can be tested in batch and continuous mode with only one piece of equipment.

ProCell LabSystem can be used to test spouted bed processes. The spouted bed technology broadens the range of options for processing challenging products like fine particles, which are difficult to fluidise in fluid beds. Particles larger than 3 mm can be fluidised with much lower air volumes compared to the latter. An additional advantage of ProCell is its ability to work with small amounts of bed material. In continuous mode this means short residence time, resulting in gentle processing of temperature sensitive products.

Fluid bed processes can be tested with ProCell LabSystem using either the AGT system or the GF system. The AGT 150 system provides the smallest processing chamber, resulting in high fluidising velocities. The GF 3 system is larger and can be equipped with a Wurster tube to allow complex coating processes. Additional features have been developed in response to customer needs. Particles can be coated with powder using the RotorSystem. The core particles are moved by a rotating disc and dried by a flow of air through the gap between this disc and the housing. The coating material is applied as solid powder. The particles are spheronised due to the rotating movement. Spherical pellets can be formed by adjusting the process parameters.
In some special applications two liquids must be sprayed in parallel. ProCell LabSystem can be equipped with a threefold nozzle for this kind of process. The process gas can traditionally be cleaned by means of an internal or external filter or a combination of a cyclone and an external filter. ProCell LabSystem also offers a closed-loop process – drying the exhaust gas with a condenser and a desiccant wheel before returning to the process. The ProCell 10 system and the GF 7 system are suitable for manufacturing large samples or for specialty products with a low volume. The large processing chambers allow batch processes with a volume of up to 20 l and throughputs of up to 15 kg/h in continuous operation. Spray granulation, agglomeration or coating processes can be tested with this larger-scale equipment. The standard unit is fitted with a cartridge filter. A bag filter can be supplied for working with smaller product volumes. The smaller filter surface means that less product is collected and more remains in the process. An additional advantage is its cleanability. After the trials, the filter bags can be cleaned in a laundry machine.
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