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Engineering cooperation

In line with the principle “Strength in unity”, Infraserv Gendorf and IGS, Gersthofen, expect to benefit from technological and methodological synergies. More than a hundred engineers, technicians and commercial staff with years of experience in the fields of plant planning, construction and servicing as well as process optimisation are currently working on challenging projects that demand a continuous demonstration of their process expertise.

Throughout Europe, the nineties were characterised on the one hand by corporate mergers and on the other by spin-offs of individual divisions as independent companies. Two plants affected by this trend were the former Hoechst works in Gerst-hofen near Augsburg and in Gendorf near Burgkirchen (both Bavaria). These works have meanwhile been transformed into industrial parks with their own operating companies: InfraServ Gendorf in Gendorf and Industriepark Gersthofen Servicegesellschaft – a wholly owned subsidiary of Clariant, the specialist chemicals manufacturer – in Gersthofen.

The primary task of these companies is to provide services to the firms resident in the industrial park; these range from utilities through maintenance, engineering and infrastructure services such as a works fire department and site security to the canteen. In addition, the operating companies can and must offer their services in the wider marketplace in order to achieve their financial goals.
With the aim of maximising efficiency, particularly in the field of plant planning and construction, the two firms looked for opportunities and synergies, strengthening mutual contacts from the old Hoechst days in the process: engineering specialists from InfraServ in Gendorf and IGS in Gersthofen have joined forces under the trademark “n.g.neering – your process industry partner”, for instance. In early 2002, the companies signed a long-term contract concerning cooperation in the two above-mentioned areas.
Business activities
With their comprehensive knowledge of all the planning phases in chemical plant construction, the teams are equipped to support the realisation of an idea from the initial feasibility study to commissioning of the finished plant. Their services embrace skilled project management and consulting in the fields of construction, electrical, automation and process engineering as well as, ultimately, installation and commissioning. n.g.neering offers both complete solutions from a single source and customized individual services. In addition, the customer receives user-oriented advice on optimum energy utilisation in the plant along with specially tailored recommendations for environmental protection and safety.
In addition to planning, the spectrum of services also covers a number of related disciplines: parts and components made of steel, stainless steel or plastic can be manufactured in specialist workshops, for example. Preventive and condition-based maintenance, including inspections and progress supervision of the maintenance work, are handled routinely. Finally, the technical processes in each plant undergo continuous optimisation, focused mainly on commercial aspects. Customers set great store by the efficiency and availability of the plants – no problem for n.g.neering partners with their unique expertise and experience.
The advantages of this close cooperation are obvious: n.g.neering can draw on a large pool of specialists who are able to contribute their vast and diverse experience and make use of a comprehensive range of tried-and-tested programming tools. The fact that administrative and infrastructure costs are reduced by joint use is a positive side-effect.
First projects
Cooperation between Gersthofen and Gendorf does not exist merely on paper – over the past two years, a whole series of collaborative projects have been successfully completed, such as the planning for a pigment manufacturing plant in the Hoechst Industrial Park, the basic engineering for a wax-making plant envisaged in Spain and a variety of process calculations and simulations on behalf of leading companies in the chemical industry. n.g.neering specialists are presently working on three major projects in the Rhine-Main area and in south-east Bavaria. The technological synergies of this cooperation, for example in the fields of computer simulation, CAD and process engineering, are especially evident here. Time and money savings that also benefit customers can be generated by using special programming tools such as ChemCad to model processes or software based on Microstation to create RI flowcharts.
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The partners
Industriepark Gersthofen Servicegesellschaft is a modern, full-service provider for process industries. It was founded at the beginning of 2002 as a subsidiary of Clariant GmbH, and has acted as an operating and service company for Gersthofen Industrial Park ever since. IGS offers its customers demand-oriented services from a single source:
  • Engineering, e. g. plant planning and construction
  • Maintenance, e. g. workshops and material stores
  • Works services, e. g. security, fire department, facility management and IT
  • ESHA services (environment, safety, health, authorities)
  • Power supplies
InfraServ Gendorf is the site operator of Werk Gendorf Industrial Park, offering customized infrastructure and system services in the fields of plant planning, construction and maintenance, power supplies, logistics, ESHA and IT.

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