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Twin shaft grinder protects pumps

The N.Mac twin shaft grinder from Netzsch protects pumps and processes Picture: Netzsch
The N.Mac twin shaft grinder from Netzsch protects pumps and processes. It is designed to fragment a variety of materials and is ideal for wastewater treatment, biogas and biomass plants, food, animal processing and other waste or industrial applications. Available with either a channel or an in-line (flanged) housing design, the N.Mac can be installed in effluent channels or upstream from a pump.

The N.Mac provides an upstream application to core Netzsch pump technology. Featuring cartridge cutting knives for quick and simple exchanging or servicing, the N.Mac offers quenched, lubricated mechanical seals for dry running capability. The mechanical seal cartridge design – a leak-free combination of mechanical seal and bearing cartridges – likewise favours easy replacement and maintenance. For higher-flow applications, grinders can operate in parallel, enabling partial servicing on the fly. The N.Mac can be mounted upstream from the pump (in-line model) or on top of the auger (channel type). Grinders can also be stacked for successive particle size reduction. An optional control panel is equipped with an auto-reverse feature to retract jammed media.

The N.Mac twin shaft grinder features modular assemblies and interchangeable components that facilitate universal parts servicing. Pulling these components out for servicing is straightforward owing to the dual-recessed and self-collapsing lifting tabs. The flanged versions include cleanout and inspection ports. Dual-tempered hex shafts are designed for pre-indexed assembly and even load transfer. An exclusive shock absorption system guarantees quiet and trouble-free operation over a long period of time.

Different models

Several different models are available with between 1 and 6 cutter cartridges per shaft. The cartridges come pre-assembled, with worry-free, pre-stacked spacers and blades, and can be supplied in different materials depending on the application. The cycloidal gearbox is maintenance-free for up to two years. The grinder ships as standard with different cutting gear sizes for different shaft speeds, resulting in better grabbing and grinding.

The range of accessories includes a control panel to ensure operator and equipment safety, a cutter cartridge cleaner that keeps the area free to cut and allows fluid passage and a transmission shaft extension which elevates the electric motor to above the fluid limit.

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