Modular system with many variations

Flexible production of small batches

Variosys: a highly versatile, time and space saving system for small-scale production. Multiple components can be linked together to create the required production line. Pictured: Bausch+Ströbel
Variosys is a time and space saving system for small-scale production. It is not only simple to convert – it can also combine a wide variety of components individually and be easily adapted to new requirements by adding extensions. Thanks to standardisation, this can moreover be done with short qualification and validation times.

There is a strong demand for high-performance lines with the capacity to fill, for example, up to 60,000 syringes per hour. This, after all, is a sector where frequently used medicines need to be produced quickly and efficiently for delivery to patients all over the world. However, there is also a growing call for small-scale filling lines that can easily be reconfigured to process different medicines or containers. This is due, amongst other things, to the development of biotechnologically produced drugs – a trend that manufacturers of filling and packaging machines simply cannot afford to ignore.

Small footprint, maximum flexibility

Developed by Bausch+Ströbel in conjunction with Swiss isolator specialist Skan, Variosys offers maximum flexibility. This space saving, modular system owes its tremendous versatility in part to the option of combining a speciality isolator with a range of different machine modules. In addition, multiple modules can be linked together in combination with a sterilising tunnel, cleaning machines or a freeze-dryer to create a complete production line.

In practice, this means that the production module simply slides out of the isolator like a work bench and can be replaced with another one. Variosys is regularly expanded by adding new modules and applications. At Achema 2018, Bausch+Ströbel will be unveiling a highly innovative module that makes even lighter work of processing nested syringes.

Automatic module changing

Changing modules has always been very simple with Variosys, but now there is a new solution that makes this task even easier for machine operators. The Variosys Move module changing system transports the machine modules automatically from the parking position to the isolator and back. An operator brings the modules to the isolator using a remote control panel. From there, they are transported into the isolator fully automatically and with pinpoint accuracy. The modules are transported precisely into the PSI-L isolator and back into their parking positions along an optical track. Once in the parking position, they are loaded automatically. A single transport system can be used for multiple machine modules. This allows customers to change over quickly from one production process (e. g. vials) to another (e. g. syringes, ampoules or cartridges).


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