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Cooperative process automation

10th Namur conference in China

Namur Annual Conference China will be held on the 21st and 22nd November 2018 in Shanghai. This event is the tenth annual conference in China. It has grown......

Duo of ceramic and metallic measuring cells optimises the distillation process

The dream team for heat and condensate

BASF in Kaisten (Switzerland) previously used classic differential pressure systems for level measurement. In order to make the production of additives for......

Safety switching devices for niche applications

Belt and braces – plant safety and Ex protection

Machine safety in explosive environments: when switchgear is required for this combined application field, two different and complex sets of rules and......

Good manufacturing practice made in Germany

Clean room filling under GMP conditions

The requirements to be met by designers and operators of filling systems for the pharmaceutical industry are invariably high. If the production facilities are......

Building rectangular tanks quickly and efficiently

Construction sheet with an inner cube structure

Röchling Engineering Plastics unveiled the Polystone P CubX tank construction sheet at this year’s Achema – good news for chemical plant engineers. The......

A promising way to reduce downtime in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Advantages of single-use pumping systems

The use of single-use pumps in pharmaceutical production processes has virtually eliminated the cost and downtime that were previously required to clean and......

Parameterisation and monitoring of Hart devices

Increasing the amount of data available

Similar to the way that personal smart devices might receive new features as a result of a firmware upgrade, industrial facilities are challenged to get more......

Flexible laboratory plant for fine grinding and classifying

Modular, compact mill and classifier unit

In the chemical industry, especially where dry grinding is involved, well-appointed laboratories are a must today when developing new products, optimising......

Intrinsically safe augmented reality device for helmets

Hands free when working in explosive areas

The HMT-1Z1 head mounted tablet is a powerful head-worn computer that is controlled by voice commands. This augmented reality device was very well received by......

Double barrier provides double safety

Twin ball valve as a compact alternative

Maximising operational safety in existing plants calls for ingenious solutions. Hartmann’s Twin Ball Valve reduces interfaces and provides additional......

Flexible grinding system finds its way from the trade fair into the plant

Explosion-proof hammer mill

A visitor sees a Frewitt high-tech solution at the trade fair and enthuses to his colleagues about it; soon after, initial solutions are being discussed at an......

Sealing material monitors its own wear

Sensor or seal?

Equipped with magnetic properties or electrical conductivity, tomorrow’s seals will be expected to monitor their own wear, measure forces and perform......

Mass flow and concentration meter for sulphuric acid and oleum

Measurements on the safe side

Sulphuric acid is one of the most important raw materials in the chemical industry. Its manufacture and processing calls for the use of highly robust......

Proactive and secure due to mobile devices

Maintenance 4.0

Increased efficiency, productivity and flexibility in industry – the central key to success lies in an interlinked, compatible hardware and software solution......

Automatic drum emptier for toxic or explosive powdery products

Four cabins for clean and empty drums

With personal protection and a safer workplace in mind, an existing customer requested Dinnissen back in mid-2015 to think about a solution for automatically......


Compressed air from a container

Kaeser offers a mobile compressed air device called Contain-Air. This is an overseas container equipped with a CSG or DSG series rotary screw pump and an......

Achema Pharma

Valves for hygienic filling

The filling valve types F40 and F60 by Gemü follow the PD design, which makes it possible to securely isolate the moving parts of the actuator hermetically......

Achema Safety

Mobile leak detectors

The mobile leak detectors SM 390 and 392 from Pfeiffer Vacuum are fully Semi S2 compliant. Leak testing even at large components in clean environments is......

Achema Pharma

GMP compliant hotmelt device

Romaco Innojet has come with the GMP compliant hot melt coating device specifically for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The IHD series was designed for......

Rotary gate valve with pivoted discs

Controls even the smallest amounts

Exact control of low flow rates is a special challenge for the design and the production accuracy of control valves. The 8C/6H micro-flow control valve from......

Qualified test benches for safe valves

Comprehensive valve testing

In addition to the requirements for reducing emissions, a valve’s fire resistance plays an important role in its selection for many applications. Whether it......


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