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Polymer structure undamaged

Maximum dispersion at the right moment

When polymer powders are added to the surface of the liquid, numerous agglomerates form which then have to be broken up again through prolonged dispersion......

Electrical thermometers for low ambient temperatures

Braving freezing cold weather

Extreme cold is one of the harshest of all ambient conditions. What special design requirements must electrical thermometers meet if they are to be used to......

The versatile design options are the driver for the economic feasibility

Liquid-liquid extraction

The process of liquid-liquid extraction is an economical alternative for separating compounds that are difficult to purify by distillation. Operation at low......

Keeping several balls in the air

Growth concept for Siebtechnik

Dr. Reinhard Scholz, a Director of Siebtechnik GmbH since 2017, presently has to keep several balls in the air at once. cpp spoke to Dr. Scholz, who wants to......

Hydrogen chloride recovery system for weak acid

Increased demand for efficient processes

SGL Carbon is designing an HCl recovery system to recover and purify HCl gas from a contaminated weak acid based on the pressure swing distillation concept......

Tubular centrifuges with automatic solids discharge

The piston is the secret of success

The Rina SRP AD supercentrifuge is based on the proven, conventional technology of tubular centrifuges. However, instead of manual solids discharge, the......

Combination enhances plant availability

Rupture disc and safety valve

Changes in the law and ever stricter environmental regulations are forcing plant owners to reduce their emission levels. This also applies to pressure relief......

Cleaning of sealing surfaces

Clean flanges keep tight in a better way

Flange connections are found at nearly every location in the chemical industry. Of course, these interfaces must be leak-tight to prevent not only material......

Software restores order to system safety inspections

An end to paper chaos

PEC, the multi-user software, restores order to the paper chaos of system safety inspections: it can be used very effectively for planning, documenting and......

Profinet takes on a leading role in future automation concepts

One network for every application

When it comes to cloud connections, modular systems, optimised maintenance activities, etc., digitalisation is quite simply a must for the process industry......

Built with a heart of steel

Drum and container pumps with a modular design

Flux originally launched its 400 series of drum pumps in the market sixty years ago. Today, the series includes eight different drum and container pumps for......

Mobile solutions deliver the right information at the right time

Put the digital plant in the palm of your hand

Mobile solutions put plant operations at the fingertips of users, providing access to real-time process data, diagnostic information, trends and alarms and......

Enhanced 24 V(DC) protection

Physical isolation prevents return supply

Processing equipment often requires a number of different control rooms and cabinets as well as sub-distribution boards. The systems are frequently rebuilt or......

Largest investment in Germany

Evonik plans new polyamide 12 complex

Evonik is planning to build a new production complex for the high-performance polymer polyamide 12 (PA 12). The Group intends to increase its overall PA 12......

Self-calibrating thermometer

Endress+Hauser wins Hermes Award

Endress+Hauser has been recognised by Hannover Messe with the prestigious Hermes technology award for iTherm Trustsens, the world’s first self-calibrating......


Modularly designed metering pump

Lewa’s Ecoflow series of diaphragm metering pumps, which are suited for hazardous, toxic, abrasive, viscous or critical media, has been supplemented by the......


Robot arm for clean rooms

Stäubli present their completely redesigned Scara robot arms, which are now also suited for clean room applications. These four-axis machines are equipped......

Achema Literature

Hygienic allrounder

Cleanline by Eirich is a multi-functional processor that allows to mix, coat, disperse, emulsify, granulate, knead, dissolve or agglomerate in the same......


3-D metal filter cloth

The Minimesh RPD Hiflo-S filter medium is manufactured using a special weaving technology developed by Haver & Boecker, which results in a......

Achema Safety

Mechanical overheat protection

The temperature protection valve Autosafe from Thiedig is a simple, mechanical valve that automatically and reliably closes without any auxiliary power in case......


Sieve analysis made easy

Hosokawa offers an operating concept for retrofitting older models of their Alpine air jet sieve e200 LS. These devices can be equipped with an intuitive......


Dry and wet particle sizing

The Fritsch laser particle sizer Analysette 22 Nanotec is used worldwide for measuring the particle sizes in dry as well as wet dispersions. The device is able......


Energy efficient vacuum pumps

Leybold has reduced the energy consumption of their diffusion pump series DIP and DIJ by applying intelligent technologies and optimising the design. Now a......


High-efficiency motor

Together with scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KSB specialists developed a very compact 22-kW synchronous reluctance motor. Semiconductor......

Plant Processing

Compact gearbox range

The GQB series of part-turn gearboxes extends the gearbox portfolio of electric actuator manufacturer Auma. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, they have......

Classic vacuum technology and yet still state of the art

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Due to their simple and robust design, liquid ring vacuum pumps are suitable for generating vacuum in moist gases or vapours. They are used, amongst other......

Achieving optimum service lives with hydrodynamic shaft seal

Shaft protected by whirlwind

The horizontal and vertical pumps by Bungartz cope with complicated, difficult or dangerous process conditions since the company’s very first days. For each......

Machine module for tub opening and RTU vial denesting

More flexibility for small batches

Flexible production is a focal topic of Achema 2018. Yet, what does flexible production mean in the context of pharmaceutical product filling......

Versatile data model eliminates data transfers by unifying all core disciplines

Basis for simultaneous cooperation

Plant engineering is characterised by a variety of engineering and management tasks that can take months, and sometimes years, to complete. Since the various......

Hygienic mixer for powdery products

Rouge without stripes

Expectations are high when it comes to powdery cosmetic products such as eye shadow, powder or rouge: they should be easy to apply to the skin, last a long......

What’s on in Frankfurt after the show

Places to go during the Achema week

Mainhattan – as Frankfurt is jokingly referred to – has an awful lot to offer visitors. You can take a stroll through the city’s reconstructed old town......

Tailwind for Achema 2018 from upbeat industry mood

The centre of the process industries

What will the process industry look like in 2025? More flexible, more integrated, more biological, experts say. Three focal topics bring “Flexible......

Thyssenkrupp establishes smart modularisation in plant engineering

More than just copy & paste

Meeting complex customer wishes with tailored individual solutions was for a long time regarded as the big strength of the European engineering and......

Glass-lined, 3D printed components for chemical engineering

Tradition meets modernity

Glass linings are an excellent solution for protecting metallic surfaces against chemical corrosion and achieving high surface quality and good cleanability......

How Linde Engineering re-invents itself with start-up methods

Digitalisation strategy

From the initial concept down to the last nut and bolt, it can take engineers years to plan and construct an industrial plant. This meticulous, step-by-step......

Hot water process controlled by steam

Starting hot into the process

Nothing is more unpleasant than standing under the shower in the morning and being suddenly hit by a harsh, cold stream of water. Just like homes, numerous......


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