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Control system for centrifuges, dryers and mixers

Remote maintenance included

Heinkel has optimised system and machine control. The corresponding HMI panels work with the S7 TIA control system from Siemens and thus facilitate the......

Cybersecurity and plant safety

Path to a safe, secure facility

When the Stuxnet computer worm attacked programmable logic controllers (PLCs) at Iranian nuclear facilities running an integrated solution, centrifuges were......

Sample gas conditioning using a 7 kg lightweight system

Taking emissions lightly

Those conducting gas analyses at changing locations previously had a heavy burden to carry. The gas conditioning system alone, stowed away in a bulky case......

Cybersecurity in the oil and gas industry

How to get prepared for the risks

Today’s industrial Ethernet and wireless technologies have made it easy for oil and gas professionals to share data faster and more efficiently –......

Safety relays with long proof intervals

Three is better than one in case of emergency

Safety relays are required in a wide range of applications in the process industry: in case of emergency, there must be a reliable means of activating sirens......

Wireless infrared gas detector

Rapid warning of fire or explosion risks

The Norwegian company Gassecure has combined a gas detector featuring IR absorption spectrometer technology with wireless communication. The GS01 is used to......

Future concepts for process analysis

Analytics and intelligence integrated in sensors

What measuring technology do chemical companies need to meet the requirements of the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT)/Industry 4.0? Will traditional......

Smart technologies on the advance

“Sensors are the senses of Industry 4.0”

Industry 4.0 is the number one topic in German industry today. Factory automation specialists come up with intelligent, communication enabled products, which......

Modular system with up to three pump modules

Clean vacuum for pilot plants

VAC 24seven vacuum pumping units offer a demand oriented pump configuration with integrated vacuum control and very good chemical resistance. All systems are......

Maintenance strategies

Not every crack needs to be repaired

For plant managers, the objective is to prevent loss and at the same time operate chemical and process plants profitably and with a high level of availability......

Certification of cables for North America

Making sense of standards

More and more of the Lapp Group’s products such as the Ölflex cable series have the designation “UL-certified”, meaning that they are approved for the......

Data management system with integrated web server

Manual search becomes a relic

In the field of automated production, changes and improvements are made to production processes on a regular basis in order to maximise productivity......

Capsule filling machine

Identical twins

Fette Compacting presented its first capsule filling machine, the FEC40, at Interphex 2016. With an output of up to 400,000 capsules per hour, the performance......

Research projects on particle foams

Precise metering of blowing agents

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, ICT, a group of researchers are working on the development of foamed materials. To do this, ICT engaged in......

Mixing and dispersing machine uses vacuum expansion method

The answer is in the air

Only after being mixed into liquids do powders fulfil their real and final purpose – as colour pigments, thickeners, flavours, matting agents, fillers......

Innovative plant design for efficient dosing and feeding processes

With value engineering and 3D laser scanning

The German company Zeppelin Systems is used to adapting itself to the changing conditions in the international markets of the plastics industry. Those changes......

External gear pumps with completely redesigned interior

Sixth generation breaks traditional laws

Components that are capable of discharging low and high-viscosity plastic melts gently from reactors and degassing systems are essential in polymer processes......

Machine control system increases efficiency

Even better performance in the aeration tanks

More than 70 % of operating costs of a wastewater treatment plant are related to energy costs, arising when the aeration tanks are provided with air. The......

Membrane filter system with laminate technology

Rotating masterpiece

Microdyn-Nadir and Huber have been cooperating successfully since 2003. Recently, at Ifat 2016 in Munich, the two companies presented a milestone in MBR......


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