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Bosch Industriekessel is celebrating its 150th anniversary

From a boiler manufacturer to a system supplier

This year Bosch Industriekessel is celebrating its 150th company anniversary. The company started as a small boiler manufacturer under the Loos family name. In......

Technological milestone in Marl

Evonik opens new plants for C4-based products

Evonik Industries has started up new production plants for C4-based products in the Marl Chemical Park, Germany. These were formally opened in the presence of......

International experts meet at Vave World Expo 2016

Grist to the valve manufacturer’s mill

Wind and solar power are hot topics at the moment, but hydropower is currently still the most important source of renewable energy in Europe. Run-of-the-river......

Meeting point for the process industry in China

Achemasia braves rough economic environment

The signs pointed to storms ahead, but Achemasia travelled the rough economic seas safely: When the halls closed on Thursday, exhibitors and organizers left......

50-year success story

Ifat again fully booked

The ongoing high level of demand from companies wishing to exhibit at Ifat 2016 is impressive confirmation of the high status of the sector’s No. 1 global......

Investment of around 8 million euros at Leverkusen site

Lanxess builds new tank farm and unloading station

Cologne-based specialty chemicals company Lanxess has significantly expanded storage capacity for its phosphoric acid ester plant at the Leverkusen site......

Agitated bead mill produces suspensions in the nanometer range

More efficiency thanks to micro-beads

Premium inks or functional coatings are produced using a wet grinding process with agitated bead mills. To produce high quality suspensions however, extremely......

Powtech and Partec 2016 in Nuremberg

The heart of mechanical processing technology

After three very eventful days, Powtech 2016, the leading fair for the processing, analysis and handling of powder and bulk solids, drew to a close on 21 April......

U.S. President visits Lower Saxony

Barack Obama to open Hannover Messe 2016

President of the United States Barack Obama will join German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open Hannover Messe 2016 announced the White House, the German......

Safety systems and fire and gas system for Ichthys gas field project

Largest total order value for Hima

The Ichthys field was the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in Australia in more than 40 years, and the Ichthys LNG project ranks among the largest and......

Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer with dismountable agitator

Chamber cleaning made easy

Maximum ease of cleaning, maintenance and internal inspection – it is this mix of qualities that makes the Cosmodry system an ideal solution even for......

Converting semi-batch processes to continuous mode

The reactor concept with a difference

For more than two decades now, Fluitec has specialised in converting batch processes to continuous operation. A reactor concept based on the familiar......

Five tasks a service provider should provide

Safety during shutdowns

Every plant shutdown presents a great challenge – from an organisational, process, economic and safety point of view. All decisions are marked by the......

Butterfly valves for flue gas cleaning

Leakproof and resistant to chemicals and fouling

Type 4100 butterfly valves made from duroplastics withstand temperatures up to 200 °C and are resistant to aggressive gases and liquids. These valves have......

Cable glands certified according to the latest Atex requirements

Certainly not explosive

There can be hardly any other field relevant to safety that has generated so much drafting and redrafting of standards as Ex (explosion) protection. Every year......

Electrical temperature measuring points viewed from the SIL perspective

The devil is in the detail

Any plant in the chemical industry is bursting with safety-relevant technology. Thousands of thermometers and transmitters are used for electrical temperature......

Process analytics

Conductivity sensor for ultra-pure water

In order to determine very low ion concentrations in ultra-pure water, a sensor is required that can reliably measure even the slightest conductivity. On top......

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids and gases

Highly dynamic processesrecorded in real time

Due to its practical advantages external, non-invasive flow measurement with clamp-on ultrasonic transducers has become a standard measuring technique over the......

Dual and angle sensor series monitor valve positions

Mixed double

Dual and angle sensors offer several benefits for position feedback with automated butterfly and ball valves. They do not require a separate housing and allow......

The automation of the future is safe and smart

When worlds converge

Highly networked system structures are emerging with Industry 4.0, involving a wide range of people, IT systems, automation components and machines......

Monitoring of 24 V(DC) circuits

Enhanced safety through transparency

E-T-A offers intelligent protection of 24 V(DC) power supplies using the ControlPlex Board as a complete system. The communication capabilities of these......

Hannover Messe 2016

Global stage for integrated industry

Hannover Messe 2016 is the global hotspot for Industry 4.0 solutions. “In April, the world’s key drivers of industrial digitalisation will all be in......

Optimal control sifting of plastic granules

Jumping not allowed

Sifting plastic granules and especially masterbatches aims to separate granules that are too big (so-called longs) and grains that are too fine from the good......

Improved mixer for maximum product discharge

Batch dryer with optimum design

The Andritz GHD vacuum helix dryer series has been improved and optimised with a more effective mixing action and maximum product discharge....

Intelligent detection system added to portfolio

Priority for explosion protection

It has been a good six months since IEP Technologies GmbH became part of Hoerbiger as a Hoerbiger Safety Solution Company. The experts for industrial explosion......

No problems with heating coils, baffles or agitators

Radar level sensor for liquids with 80 GHz

Vega Grieshaber is now introducing Vegapuls 64, a radar level sensor for liquids that measures at a frequency of 80 GHz. This feature allows considerably......

Combination of rupture discs and safety valves

An unbeatable team

A combination of safety valves and rupture discs as additional pressure relief may initially seem like “too much of a good thing”. A closer look reveals......

Plant engineering accompanied right from the beginning

Why certain mills simply mill better

The time is half past eight on a Monday morning at Route du Coteau 7 in Granges-Paccot. The telephone rings. One hour later a Frewitt service technician is at......

Continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical products

Alternative concept

Although the pharmaceutical industry is very innovative in terms of product development, it is quite conservative when it comes to production philosophy. The......

Powders, granules or suspensions

Mixer also whirls in hygienic areas

The hygienic version of the Eirich mixer now extends the proven benefits of the mixing principle to sectors subject to hygienic requirements, such as the food......

Slotted screen panels and high-precision filter tubes

It’s the diversity that does it

For a few months now, Steinhaus’ Optima series has also included high precision filter tubes. In an interview with cpp, Carsten Dietz and Ulrich Tunger......

Particle synthesis in pulsed hot gas stream

Powders tailored to customers’ needs

Apptec is a powder technology developed by Glatt Ingenieurtechnik that allows powder composition and particle design to be adjusted to meet a customer’s......

Dry cleaning of containers using compressed air

Spotlessly clean from the inside

Thanks to its container cleaning system, Azo makes dry and effective cleaning possible for all types and sizes of rotationally symmetrical hoppers without......


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