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Pulsation-free metering in the microlitre range

Peristaltic pumps for biotechnology

Biotech processes with increasingly high concentrations of active ingredients demand particularly high precision on the part of the pump technology which is......

High resistance to metal dusting

A magic bullet

Metal dusting is an extreme form of high-temperature corrosion which may occur in process environments at elevated temperatures with high carbon activity. In......

Fine milling in compliance with Atex

Carefully conceived concept

Milling products is one matter. Finely milling products to a particle size of 75 µm in compliance with Atex is another. In order to ensure perfect Atex......

UIC Process Development Center gets fit for the future

New products from old raw materials

Short path distillation is not a new process – but as resources grow increasingly scarce, its relevance is undisputed. UIC has responded to this rising......

Mature centrifugal sifter range

36 ways to screen products

Building on proven technology, Gericke has introduced a complete range of centrifugal sifters with an updated design and operational features. They satisfy the......

Robust and resilient concrete storage

An oasis of well-beingfor hazardous substances

Concrete is robust and resilient, making it an ideal material for safe storage of hazardous substances. cpp spoke to Paul Fricke, Managing Director of......

Efficient serialisation with print codes and RFID

Via a data cloud

As part of a pilot project for the South Korean pharmaceutical manufacturer Daewon Pharm Co. Ltd, Turck, the Mülheim-based automation specialist, jointly......

Software update for WirelessHart gateway

More comfort during operation and start-ups

WirelessHart technology offers the right amount of dependability and robustness to guarantee the required process reliability and avoid expensive downtime. The......

Equipotential bonding system with lightning protection

Isolating spark gap forpipeline flanges

Risk minimisation plays an important role when planning and operating oil and gas transport systems. Preventing property and environmental damage as well as......

Automated system concepts reduce production downtime

The concept must fit

Interior cleaning of transport, storage and production containers in the chemical industry can only take place efficiently in compliance with applicable......

Reliable online analysis minimises operating costs

Protecting water quality

Online analysers guarantee efficient process monitoring and control. A high level of measuring point availability and the lowest possible operating costs are......

Modular automation for multi-stage and flexible water treatment

Plants based on theLego principle

Fluctuating water consumption and increasingly polluted raw water – these are the market demands to which more and more manufacturers in the process......

Wastewater pumps with variable speed

Combining efficiency with reliability

A general desire exists to control the wastewater flow through pumping stations more efficiently. Variable speed systems can provide a more flexible and......

Mixing and stirring with a hydrodynamically optimised propeller

Keeps wastewater slurry in motion

Although the production-specific water requirements of the chemical industry have decreased dramatically in recent decades, significant amounts of wastewater......

Decanter centrifuge separates phosphates

How to turn manure into feedstock

Separating raw manure with a decanter centrifuge is an interesting option for farmers who produce more phosphate than they can use on their own farm. The......

Production-integrated water/waste water technology

When zero liquid discharge pays off

Water is still the number one solvent and is predicted to remain so until at least 2030. This is the conclusion reached last year in a position paper published......


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