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Safe handling of hazardous chemicals

Seal-less pumps offer full product containment

Sealed pumps have been performing sufficiently in chemical manufacturing operations for many years. However, operators seeking a better alternative should look......

Highly sensitive in-line process control system

Testing the integrity of blister packs

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s AMI 120 non-destructive integrity test system conducts highly sensitive, quantitative leak measurements in real time without using any......

From lubricant to foam padding

Screw pumps are highly reliable

Pressure is a decisive factor in many pumping tasks in the chemical industry – for everything from sealing liquids to lubricating heavy machinery such as......

Low dust emission values for difficult filtration processes

Filtration plant for paraffinic dust particles

Dust particles containing paraffin are adhesive and waxy, and they can clog a filter within a very short time. In this case, cleaning is no longer an option......

Electrohydraulic compact drives for pipelines

Smart combination of fluidics and electronics

Electrohydraulic compact drives are the focus of a fascinating discussion. What is in fact the driving force in drive technology? The key is re-engineered......

Production free of waste water

Reverse osmosis under high pressure

Instead of discharging water which is as clean as possible, the aim in future is for production processes to discharge no water whatsoever. Together with its......

Glencore relies on shear pumps with sealless magnetic couplings

Efficient plants for biodiesel production

Plant oils – the basic materials in biodiesel production – are processed in several steps. A process known as transesterification presents a particular......

Quickly-installable drum emptying system

Completely empty in hazardous area

The Viscoflux lite drum emptying system is now available as an Ex version. The system is designed for higher-viscosity media which are just capable of flowing......

Proportional valves as an interesting alternative

Function integration creates new possibilities

New automation products allow function integration to be employed to take a new approach to the automation of familiar process steps, e.g. in biotech and......

Suitable for a wide range of metering processes

Variable metering station

Thanks to the modular system, Ecolab metering stations offer many options for meeting individual metering requirements. Variable process operations are......

Achema 2015

Busy halls and a great atmosphere

By June 19 it was all over! Achema 2015 closed its doors for the last time. Yet what remains at the end of five action-packed days? Memories of busy halls and......

Processing pharmaceutical water efficiently

The elixir of life for pharmaceutical production

As in other industries, no aspect of pharmaceutical production can take place without water. However, not all water meets the same standards. We spoke with......

Hybrid alloy offers a solution for plant manufacturers

All-purpose weapon in the battle against corrosion

Today’s chemicals industry is subject to growing pressure; plants are required to perform a variety of chemical operations with varying process media at......

Complex requirements for explosion-proof motors

Safe power for compressors

Explosion-proof electric motors must meet the highest safety standards and operate absolutely reliably. Since plants generally run 24/7, energy efficient......

Flexible connector for the chemical industry

Just snap it on

Production managers looking for the perfect connector for their whole plant are often confronted with an endless variety of materials and specifications. When......

Calorimeter with explosion protection checks combustion gas quality

Reliable operation of gas turbines

Liberalised gas markets and the increased use of process gases as an energy source frequently result in fluctuating gas quality for consumers. If thermally......

Switchgear with Atex approval

Safe switching under extreme conditions

Switching devices need to be protected from damp and extreme temperatures. Depending on the type of switch, vibration, dirt and corrosive media or gases can......

How to get more from the mixing process

On-site laboratory testing

The best way to optimise a mixing process is to run tests and trials with the actual products that need to be blended. In the chemical and mining industries......

Sight glasses made of borosilicate glass

Viewing extreme conditions safely

Sight glasses make it possible to observe chemical processes in reactors directly or check fill levels inside pipes and storage tanks. These glasses are often......


Level measurement for liquids

Compact, safe and easy are the three words that immediately spring to mind when describing the revised Liquiphant FTL31/33 level sensor. The sensor can be......


For the toughest applications

The Tecline electrodes from Jumo are high-quality sensors for professional applications in process and industrial measurement technology. They are designed as......


Stainless steel pump series

The IQ pump series is made of stainless steel, making it ideal for use with chemically aggressive media. All the parts that come into contact with the pumped......


Leak-free compressor packing

Piston rod packings for reciprocating compressors have always been prone to gas leakage – until now. Hoerbiger’s Xperseal rod sealing system uses pres......

Gas compression for the process industry and refrigeration technology

No ready-made solutions

Customised solutions are in considerable demand when it comes to conveying and compressing gases for the process industry and refrigeration technology......

Tips for the evenings during Achema

No time to get bored in the Main metropolis

What is there to do in the evenings after Achema? Frankfurt is rich in leisure opportunities after a hard day at the fair. Regardless of whether it’s culture......


Fibre gasket material closes gap

A fibre gasket material is closing the traditional gap between the major properties of purely elastomer gaskets and fibre gaskets. The gasket material combines......


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