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Dickow Pumpen achieves milestone

200,000st pump delivered

09.06.2015 – Eastman Chemical has put three new parts into operation at the site in Middelburg lately: a 35 m high destillation tower, a loading and......

Browser based video conference system

Explosion-proof mobile communication helpers

In times of ever higher productivity, efficiency and optimisation, cooperation between mobile devices and platforms is particularly impor-tant. A growing......

Sealless magnetically coupled gear pump

Long service life without leakage

GML/GMB gear pumps combine the Dickow magnet coupling design with Tuthill Globalgear technology. These magnetically driven pumps are designed to improve plant......

Digital technologies drive efficiency and availability

Pumps are getting more intelligent

Countless pumps are in use today in chemical plants around the world. They all share one thing in common: they must perform their daily work as efficiently as......

An analysis of trends in dry disconnect couplings

Safety technology in the evolutionary process

Over the past few years, the use of dry disconnect couplings for loading and logistics processes in the fluids sector has become the rule rather than the......

Constant superimposed backpressure affected operation limits

Operational behaviour of safety valves

When selecting spring loaded safety valves, an accurate knowledge and consideration of the specific operating conditions are vital to ensure that these devices......

Capacity control for reciprocating compressors

Down with electricity costs and up with performance

The Czech Republic-based oil company Unipetrol recently installed an eHydrocom capacity control system from Hoerbiger in its industrial gas plant for the first......

Metering pump with predictive intelligence

Precise throughout its entire service life

The solenoid driven metering pump known as Gamma/ X is robust, universally suitable and easy to operate with a long service life. Its model-based solenoid......

Simultaneous pumping of hot, abrasive and corrosive media

Slurry pumps for tough process conditions

Their suitability for solids is legendary: one MOR pump recently dismantled had been running since 1948. It was fully functional to the last. Back in those......

Reliable and precise dosing pumps for demanding applications

Who likes maintenance?

BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik, a leading manufacturer of plastic components with metallic surfaces for the automotive industry, is using Qdos pumps from......

Gear pumps for highly corrosive media

Soft shell, hard core

Gear pumps are firmly established in industrial plants owing to their enormous reliability and flexibility. However, in view of their optimal delivery......

Predestined for pharmaceutical water plants

Multi-port valve blocks simplify plant design

Gemü has been manufacturing sterile, multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for over 20 years. It would......

Liners made of modified PFA and TFM

Corrosion protection for plants and components

Whether storage tanks, columns, pipelines, pumps or valves – each component requires a separate solution with regard to protection against corrosion. A......

Mixing and dispersing of powders into liquids

No chance for agglomerates

Mixing powders into liquids is a complex task. The quality of the final product is highly influenced by perfect or poor wetting and dispersing of the powders......


Intelligent pump monitoring

Allweiler/Colfax Fluid Handling will demonstrate its commitment to Industry 4.0 by presenting their intelligent platform IN-1000 for condition and operation......


Tank cleaning made easy

The tank cleaning head series Tankmaster by Woma features a gear unit that disperses the water jet especially densely so that it reaches every part of the......


TOC analyser for pure water

The QuickTOCpurity by LAR Process Analysers is a customised analyser of total organic carbon content for pure and ultrapure water applications. The sample is......


Compact diaphragm process pump

The patented design of Bran+Luebbe Novaplex Vector pump from SPX offers a reduced footprint, reduced weight, increased efficiency and improved reliability. The......


Valve for aseptic sampling

The EHEDG certified Pharmcom sampling valve by M&S can optionally be equipped with a steam valve for sterilisation. This makes it possible to sample......


Pipe sampling system

Ritag offers a wide range of valves and accessories for extract-ing samples from pipes, named Epos. In addition, specialised solutions may be provided. The......


Fixed volume sampler

The fixed volume sampler Smart-FVS by Barthel is used for extra-cting fixed volumes from process lines. The sample volume is isolated by turning the operation......


PTFE-lined chemical pumps

Geko offers sealless PTFE/PFA-lined chemical pumps with magnetic drive according to DIN EN 22858 compliant with Atex. They have been particularly designed for......


Filling capsules with high output

The capsule filling machine GKF 2600 by Bosch doses powders, pellets, tablets and liquids as well as combinations with a high output rate of up to 2,600......

Efficient scale-up of bio-based chemical production

Each process step has to be put to the test

The transition from a pilot plant to full-scale production requires a thorough investigation into the opportunities and pitfalls that a larger scale entails......

Processes below 100°C controlled by vacuum steam

Cold steam

Many applications involve accurate and smooth heating of products at temperatures below 100 °C. In addition, batch processes often also call for short heat-up......

Determining the CO2 reactivity of petroleum coke

Easy-to-use high quality furnace

Calcinated petcoke is an essential ingredient in the production of aluminium. Its quality needs to be monitored continuously throughout the production process......

The plansifter for universal use

Successful concept

As the former manager of a mill in Holland Rudolf Fuchs, founder of the predecessor company of Fuchs Maschinen AG, knew what matters most when it comes to......

Siebtechnik investing globally in staff and technology

Centrifuges are at home here

The industrial estate on Weseler Straße in Mülheim resembles many others in Germany. Production facilities, discounters and car dealerships line the arterial......

Pharmaceutical production according to the “Bio on demand” concept

Flexible production with single-use technologies

Many companies are changing over their portfolios from a few high-volume prod-ucts to many low-volume products. There is therefore a need for more flexible and......

Mobile milling system offers three options

Flexible production of natural medicines

A Frewitt customer has produced dilutions and solutions for phytotherapy and homeopathy since 1935. Standardising procedures and protecting products and staff......

Tailor-made vial filling line for powdered drugs

Same space – three times the output

Designing a line that exactly fits into an existing space and boosts productivity at the same time is a challenging task. Despite the demanding set-up and a......

Safe coupling modules with force-guided contacts

Mini outside, maxi inside

Safe coupling modules are often an essential part of systems in the process industry. To save valuable space in the control cabinet, Phoenix Contact has......

Siemens at Achema 2015

Focus on integrated systems

The productivity and profitability of plants in the process industries hinge on reliable, trouble-free and energy-efficient operation. At the Achema 2015 trade......

Intelligent testing concepts guarantee maximum plant availability

Taking the stress out of testing

In chemical and petrochemical companies, safety has the highest priority. Flowmeters must consequently ensure maximum reliability. Although costly, proof......

Industrial Ethernet in process automation

Simplified handling of field devices

Advancements in industrial communication technologies are having positive effects on field device handling in process automation systems. With the forthcoming......

Instrumentation and control manufacturer relies on advice

From product to solution provider

Consulting is a central element of the Jumo Engineering concept. The Fulda based group has combined its engineering services under this name and is hence......

Mobile solutions for hazardous areas

Paving the way for Industry 4.0

The underlying objective of the forward-looking Industry 4.0 project is an integrated data-flow. The automation of mobile terminals and phones must play an......

Browser based video conference system

Explosion-proof mobile communication helpers

In times of ever higher productivity, efficiency and optimisation, cooperation between mobile devices and platforms is particularly impor-tant. A growing......

Sensors for measuring cell density

Online measurement ensures optimum yield

Cell cultures in pharmaceutical development react very sensitively to their environment. That’s why the conditions in a bioreactor are subject to precise......

Benefits through integrated valve diagnostics

Recognising weaknesses at an early stage

There are obvious benefits provided particularly by diagnostic functions integrated directly into the positioner: round-the-clock monitoring of the control......


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