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Plant Processing

Magnet-driven gear pump

The magnet-driven gear pump Thomafluid-E-2000 MP is used for delivery of inorganic and organic media in laboratory, chemical and process engineering, and in......

High capacity layer palletiser with integrated twin-belt turning device

Gentle and precise stacking at limited space

Schwenk Putztechnik, a manufacturer of sustainable and ecological dry mortar, had considerable problems with its previous palletising solution. The bags were......

Functional safety

Different roles in the process industry

Seveso, Bhopal, Piper Alpha – the scenes of some of the worst accidents ever in the chemical and petrochemical industries. These catastrophes, which are......

Closed-loop production of carbon black

Complete recycling of scrap tyres

In Germany alone, some 630,000 tons of scrap tyres accrue every year – along with 3.2 million tons in the EU as a whole and as much as 4.4 million tons in......

Your partner for electric actuators

50 years of Auma

Auma’s focus has been to automate valves – and this for the last 50 years. The two-man partnership, founded in Ostfildern close to Stuttgart in 1964......

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik celebrates its 150th anniversary

Hightech from the Humme Valley

Positive displacement blowers, screw compressors, turbo blowers and gas meters from Aerzener Maschinenfabrik have made the small town of Aerzen, situated in......

Gas analysis based on the thermal conductivity principle

Modern evergreen

The Conthos gas analyser is now in its third generation. The strengths of its predecessor have been carefully maintained and a considerable number of......

The underestimated method

Understanding time- proportional control

Time-proportional control has been available for a long time, but is often overlooked by process control experts who tend to utilise more sophisticated PID......

Tantalum range minimises lifecycle costs

Heat exchangers in highly corrosive applications

Alfa Laval has developed a range of tantalum heat exchangers that offer the exceptionally high corrosion resistance of a solid-tantalum heat exchanger but at a......

The perfect floc for treating landfill leachate

Developed for highly contaminated waste water

The Flocformer’s ability to remove water from sewage sludge up to 30 % more efficiently has repeatedly been proven in practice. Aquen aqua-engineering......

Gas-solid reactions in the mechanically generated fluidised bed

Individualists are called for

There is a wide range of options for gas-solid reactions in reaction process technology. This is particularly true for heterogeneous syntheses, as required in......

Pressure surges due to pump failure

Pressure surge simulation to avoid damage

Dynamic pressure fluctuations are basically unavoidable in systems carrying liquids or liquefied gases. However, these pressure surges have to be maintained......

Diaphragm dosing pump with EC motor

The intelligent alternative

Memdos LP diaphragm dosing pumps are fitted with an EC motor. This provides a higher degree of efficiency than a three-phase asynchronous motor with an......

Envelope based on modified PTFE with stainless steel corrugated ring

One sealing solution for almost all cases

The PW-I gasket, a composite solution using modified PTFE and a corrugated stainless steel ring insert, provides a L0.01 seal tightness. It combines low......

Smart 3D brings more efficiency to 3-D design

Suitable for large projects

Enterprise software providers are focusing their efforts on improving the rule based concept of their 3-D tools, enabling more efficient design as well as......

Plant Processing

Aseptic filling module

The GEA Aseptomag IBC filling module is a fully aseptic stand-alone unit for filling and emptying industrial bulk container of 200 up to 1600 l. Centre piece......


GMP-suitable granulation system

Sandvik’s Rotoform 4G introduces a number of features of particular relevance to hygiene-critical applications, including easier cleaning, enhanced bearing......


Safety system on chip

Hicore 1, Hima’s safety system on chip is ideal for safety-critical applications – ranging from embedded systems to control in machinery and plant......


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