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Compact palletising solution for Clariant's facility in Gersthofen

High-quality stacker wanted

Clariant Produkte, Germany, has six production facilities at Gersthofen Industrial Park in the rural Bavarian district of Augsburg. In the additives sector......

Vacuum technology for phenolic resin production

Completely dry-running

Dynea Erkner produces phenolic resins for further processing in many areas of industry. The chemical reactions take place in facilities of different sizes and......

Facts & figures

A wide range of bases for all relay types

The 6.2 millimetre wide RIF-0 base accommodates the narrow miniature power relays with one contact. Two versions are available here: RIF-0-BPT/21 with one PDT......

Rifline complete relay system

A product range for all requirements

Different types of relay modules are used in industry. They switch and multiply signals, boost power and provide electrical isolation between the controller......

Stepwise modernisation of process control at CHT R. Beitlich

Successful migration without any risk

Companies, particularly medium-sized enterprises, cannot afford excessive production outages in the course of modernising the control technology in their......

How manufacturers put the NE 107 into practice with the help of FDT

Device diagnostics on the move

Intelligent field components and field devices offer users real added value. They provide a lot of status information on the network and devices even beyond......

Operating electric trace heating systems in hazardous areas

Heating cables directly connected

BSTW II electromechanical controllers and limiters were especially developed for electric trace heating systems in hazardous areas. With their direct......

Modular concept

Industrial gear unit in a unicase housing

Currently available in eight sizes in unicase housings, Nord Drivesystems‘ powerful industrial gear units cover everything from small frames for torques......

Record-sized toothpaste production needs massive geared motors

Millions of bright smiles from one batch

Ekato, a manufacturer of customised industrial agitators, has scaled up the largest model in its Unimix line to more than double the original size. Two mixers......

Interoperability creates more value

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Does this sound familiar? You come in to work only to find that a critical piece of equipment looks like it’s about to fail. Production has been throttled to......

Solenoid valves with diaphragms

Safety in process automation

Pneumatic control valves are used to shut off or open pipelines in chemical and process plants. Solenoid valves are the interface between the electric control......

First WFI production plant installed in Brazil

Ultrafiltration preferred

Hager + Elsässer’s first complete plant for manufacturing water for injection (WFI) with membrane technology successfully started operation at Fresenius......

Facts & figures

Advantages at a glance

The special centrifugal pump MPCHDryRun is fitted with a continuously dry-running and depressurised magnetic drive....

Efficient pump selection for tough process conditions

Retrofitting as an economical solution

A non-functioning pump can cause massive damage and consequently result in high costs. For this reason, lastingly reliable pump performance is amongst the most......

Design measures enhance energy efficiency

Magnetic coupling pumps

Owing to their leak-free drive concept, centrifugal pumps with a magnetic coupling are conquering an ever greater share of the chemical and petrochemical......

Minimum wear, segregation-free and energy efficient

Conveying systems in line with energy saving trend

A broad range of different systems is available for pneumatic conveying but the trend is clearly towards dense-phase conveying systems. The arguments are......

Cost-effective conveyance

Rotary lobe pump needs 10 % less energy

Conveying systems represent a substantial cost factor, particularly in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. In order to meet the growing pressure......

Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps with MF drive system

Save your money

More than 80 % of the total cost of ownership of a pump is accounted for by the energy needed to run it. The magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps in the RM......


Bag dumping system with glove box

A Flexicon bag dumping system with glove box, bag compactor and flexible screw conveyor, isolates bulk material from the operator and plant environment......

Process Engineering

Self-healing membrane

Microdyn-Nadir announced that the unique Bio-Cel sheet which represents the core part of the Bio-CelMBR module by Microdyn-Nadir has a self-healing mechanism......


Efficient blistering

Improving the overall effectiveness of the equipment was a top development priority for the Noack 930 blister system with rotary sealing. A high level of......

Plant Processing

Lightweight film hose

The Masterflex product range of Master-PE L-EL profile-extruded suction & transport hoses made from polyethylene has been extended even further – this......

Plate heat exchangers for gas pre-heating

A key supporting role in NOx removal

Nitrogen oxides irritate respiratory passages. They are also responsible for acid rain and the creation of ozone – and, not least, they contribute to the......

Versatile vacuum mixer-dryers and reactors

Vertical drying

Amixon vertical contact dryers and reactors are suited for a wide range of applications. Their strengths are particularly evident, for example, if problematic......

Cryogenic grinding of elastic plastic at ice cold temperatures

Cooling system integrated

With cryogenic grinding it is possible to produce very small grind sizes even with tough and elastic sample materials. The sample is embrittled with liquid......

Plant Processing

Media resistant bearing

Igus presents the Iglidur A160 extremely media resistant plain bearing material. The plastic bearing is resistant to chemicals and also conforms to foodstuff......

Perfect dosing with vibration

The feeder family is getting bigger

The growing number and diversity of applications for plastics has increased quality requirements in the industry. Precise feeding of individual components –......

Sustainable solution for processing of new generation rubbers

Smarter than steam

Traditional processing of elastomers uses a high concentration of solvent to keep the rubber solution viscosity low in order to create better mixing and heat......


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