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Production of polyamide 6

Air Liquide signs contractsfor plants in China

26.06.2013 – Generally used in the field of textiles and engineering plastics, the application from polyamide 6 ranges from high quality textiles to the......

Cross is the new majority shareholder

Bühlers sells business unit Thermal Processes

14.06.2013 – Having hived off the Thermal Processes business unit into a separate company last October, Bühler has now sold the majority to the Swiss......

Wireless solutions for the process industry

Don’t underestimate the risks!

The widespread use of wireless technology for industrial data communications has many advantages, yet the technical and commercial risks should not be......

Wireless temperature sensors make use of energy harvesting

Completely autonomous

Energy harvesting (EH) solves a central issue of wireless sensor nodes: regular replacement of the primary cells is no longer necessary and this in turn can......

Gateway with integrated web server and 3D simulation tool

Making WirelessHart visible and transparent

The WirelessHart gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs can now be connected to a process control system via EtherNet/IP or Modbus. Connection is quick and easy whichever......

Industry 4.0 – intelligent networking in hazardous areas

Intrinsically safe mobile computers

Today, industry is facing its fourth technological revolution. Following mechanisation, mass production and electronic automation, Industry 4.0 is now about to......

Mobile computer with barcode scanner and wireless communication

Efficiency during maintenance tours

Explosion-proof mobile computers ensure the timely availability of all relevant data during maintenance tours in refineries. Using radio transmissions to a......

Analytical sensors with a transmitter in the sensor head

Safety first

2013 is the year that one of users’ greatest wishes comes true: Krohne’s launch of Smartsens, a line of digital analytical sensors with integrated......

Lightning protection for the Nord Stream landfall station

Reliable gas supply even in a thunderstorm

Gascade Gastransport GmbH is responsible for safe operation of the landfall station of the Nord Stream pipeline at the Lubminer Heide energy centre near......

Calibration with portable instruments in hazardous areas

With intrinsic safety it’s never risky

Explosive atmospheres can never be completely avoided. Action must therefore be taken to prevent their ignition, depending on the zone classification. Ignition......

Facts & figures

Principles of explosion protection

The three basic requirements for an explosion are a combustible gas, oxygen (ambient atmosphere) and an effective ignition source. However, an explosive......


From web to app

Igus has further developed its WebGuide catalogue concept as fully adequate touch application for iPads and Android tablets. The app is available for free in......

Process Engineering

Inline disperser

With the Dispernator, a newly developed inline disperser is available for a wide range of applications. The all-in-one device enables the mixing, homogenising......


Clipster aseptic disconnector

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has launched the sizes XS and S of the clipster aseptic disconnector, in addition to the existing size L. This single-use device......


Vial filling and closing machine

With the filling and closing machine MLF 5088, Bosch Packaging Technology offers an output of 400 vials per minute with integrated 100 % in-process control......


Vortex FP control panels

Crowcon’s Vortex FP Compact control panel increases the flexibility of its flameproof product range. The panel is specifically designed to monitor toxic and......

Process Engineering

HCl synthesis unit

Ecosyn is an innovative technology for the production of hydrogen chloride (HCl). This innovative HCl synthesis unit utilises waste heat, thereby lowering......


Small volume evaporator

The Centrifan PE Evaporator/Concentrator provides a safe, small volume evaporator for synthetic and medicinal chemists, as well as pharmaceutical, biotech, and......

Plant Processing

Heat-resistant hose

The CP HiTex 467 Welding is a further addition to the Norres product portfolio. The extreme heat resistance of the clamping profile hose makes it ideal for......

Nanonisation by dry grinding

Steam is power

A new method of grinding for jet mills that allows finenesses in the submicron range to be obtained was described in the April 2010 issue of cpp in an article......

Suitable for the lab

Grinding process with superheated steam

Following the successful launch of the s-Jet grinding process, detailed discussions with various customers showed that there was also a demand for this new......

Facts &figures

Export-oriented family-run company

Josef Mehrer Maschinenfabrik achieved a turnover of 19.5 million euros in 2012. Despite the euro crisis and the weakening economy, Mehrer expects sales to......

Reduced wear, long service life and low emissions

Segmented sealing rings for piston rods

About 70 % of all reciprocating compressor failures are the result of eight main causes, the most common one being valve failures at more than 35 %. Packing......

Reliable PTFE shaft seal even for high fluid levels

Version with integrated helix technology

In order to effectively seal shafts in applications involving high fluid levels – in other words where the fluid level touches the seal – rotary shaft......

Integrated Drive System boosts productivity, efficiency and reliability

Perfect interaction reduces life cycle costs

The Integrated Drive System (IDS), a new approach in solutions for drive tasks, was presented by the Siemens Drive Technologies Division at the 2013 Hannover......

Bellows sealed globe valves for demanding processing applications

Focus on safety

WTA bellows sealed globe valves provide high fugitive emission protection for use in chemical processing including chlor-alkali, phosgene and fertiliser......

Machine manufacturing and pharmaceutical production

Hand in hand

Existing production lines often require modification for new and innovative products. In cooperation with special machine manufacturer Bausch+Ströbel the NSM......

Automated system for processing bulk goods

Requirements profile consistently fulfilled

According to Bernard Favre-Bulle, automating complex systems comes down to influencing changes in the conditions of the processes operating therein in a......

Sorbent selection through pseudo-empirical modelling

Improved stability of pharmaceuticals

As pharmaceutical technologies and formulations continue to advance, pharmaceutical packaging must keep pace. To provide stability and protect the safety and......

Asset information management in the chemicals industry

Manage changes effectively

Asset information management (AIM) offers significant benefits to highly engineered, asset-intensive facilities and networks. Accurate, accessible asset......

How are valve makers dealing with current uncertainties?

Euro crisis rattles sector

Each and every valve maker will have found himself thinking about the euro crisis at least once a day. Fortunately, no one is experiencing sleepless nights and......

Successful 2012 business year

Hima remains on path to growth

With incoming orders up by 35 % and a 4 % growth in sales, Hima has in the last year further expanded its position as a global safety solution provider. Most......


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