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Online analysis of mineral oil

Reliable and rapid oil-in-water monitoring

Today, the world’s crude oil production amounts to over 72 million barrels per day. This crude is shipped, transferred, stored and processed by......

Reliable media detection with clamp-on ultrasonic technology

No risk of dangerous mix-ups

Wrong fuel in your car? Something that can be expensive when it happens to cars involves a huge risk potential when filling chemicals. Unfortunately, accidents......

Remote I/O system with proactive diagnostic features

More efficient maintenance of field devices

The Namur NE 107 recommendation advises plant operators to use standardised, easily understandable status indications, allowing them to receive information......

Intelligent all-rounder for hazardous areas

One for all

The M400 two-wire, multi-parameter transmitter with ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) technology and Hart communication from Mettler Toledo was developed......

Optical safe alarm for critical environmental conditions

Contactless, currentless, safe

As well as protective systems like bursting discs, safe alarms are also rapidly gaining in significance in process technology. Most new installations are......

Low-emission safety valves

Absolutely tight to the outside

Industry safety valves are used for many different applications and with a host of different media. They form an intended interface to the outside and are of......

Wireless in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere

Panel PCs in full HD for every application

With the Polaris Panel PC 17“ Professional and Polaris Remote 17“, Bartec is introducing a complete series in various display sizes in the wide......


No-valve metering pump

Developed in response to extensive industrial customer feedback regarding improved chemical metering, the Qdos 30 from Watson-Marlow eliminates ancillary......

Plant Processing

Configurable cables

Chainflex CC minimises the length for customer specific cables to 300 m. With a specially developed online configurator, customers can configure and order......


Modular range of safety relays

The Siemens Industry Automa-tion Division is offering the Sirius 3SK1 safety relays for monitoring and control systems with simple safety requirements, such as......

Temperature sensors adapted for sterile applications

Thermowell without dead spaces

A new thermowell developed by Wika for sanitary applications not only enables temperature measurement with a minimum of dead space; at the same time, it......

Universal conveying system for powders and bulk materials

Easy to handle and suitable for hazardous areas

From powders or granules through chemicals and pharmaceuticals to food, the Multijector vacuum system conveys almost any material. Based on a modular design......

IBC blender with integrated intensifier

Parallel processing saves time

Often the most critical aspect of a powder process, mixing is the step where the manufacturer adds the most value. With more stringent regulations, rising......

Coating system for the manufacture of hormone preparations

One plant to meet all requirements

Handling highly potent substances requires complete processes to be isolated in order to protect staff and systems. “High containment” has become the magic......

Design and operation of energy-efficient fluid bed systems

Integrated approach saves costs

Systems for agglomeration, spray granulation and coating in the fluid bed are used in nearly all industries involving the production and refinement of solid......

Lube & seal in hygienic processes

The perfect trio: product, lubricant and seal

When it comes to manufacturing food and beverages, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, the health of the consumer takes top priority – an approach that......

RFID system for reliable detection in tumbler screens

Safe Screening in dust Ex zone 22

Depending on the application, dispersion powder must be manufactured in different grain sizes. To ensure and document this process, Wacker in Burghausen has......

Master control for compressor station

Compressed air without idle time or losses

Reimann & Rößle uses three C 9 D type Boge screw compressors in up to three production shifts per day. To avoid expensive idle times during compressed......

Display unit shows up to four measured values

The Hart way

For a long time the Hart signal was chosen only for commissioning and monitoring the status of devices. The wireless Hart standard took things a step further......

Monitoring critical process variables in the pharmaceutical industry

The emphasis here is on safety

With most processes that are unique to the pharmaceutical industry the manufactured products will sooner or later come into contact with people in the form of......

Surface gassing in precipitation processes

All that glitters is gold

This article deals with a surface gassing system used in a precipitation process for the production of ultrapure fine gold. The gassing system can of course......

Completely enclosed self-cleaning filters

Safety for operators and the environment

There are many areas in a chemical production plant where automation offers increased productivity and, ultimately, improved profitability. Switching to......

New prospects for blister packaging

The combined expertise of two industry leaders

As a result of the restructuring of the international pharmaceutical markets, new strategies are needed for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. To......

Handy packaging solution for high-quality pharmaceuticals

Bright Future opts for stick packs

The market for stick pack applications in the packaging of pharmaceutical products is growing steadily. The reasons for this rising popularity are obvious:......


Lined ball valve

The Xomox lined ball valve XLB allows users to manage corrosive chemicals through a lined solu-tion. Featuring a compact design, it allows for installation in......


Working lamp for use in Ex areas

Bartec’s mobile LED working lamp with charging station has been designed for the comfortable illumination of works spaces in all hazardous areas with gas......


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