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Namur Activities in China

Fourth Namur conference in China

25.09.2012 – The fourth Namur conference in China will be held on the 21st and 22nd November 2012. This event has grown continually since 2009, the year......

Plant Processing

Seal-less triplex pump

The T series of seal-less high pressure diaphragm pumps developed by Wanner extends the Hydra-Cell pump concept into higher flow and pressure capacities, where......


Carriage-type welding head

Polysoude presented its latest carriage-type welding head, the Polycar 30 AVC/OSC. This product was manufactured to satisfy high market demand following an......

Metering pumps for chemical applications

No-valve metering pump

Watson-Marlow launched its new Qdos 30 pump range at Achema 2012. Developed in response to extensive industrial customer feedback regarding improved chemical......

Explosion-proof gear units and motors for use worldwide

Always on the safe side

Special preventive measures are required to operate machines and systems in areas where there is a risk of explosion. The motors and gear units from......

Specialised pump ensures complete cleaning and smooth transport

Hygiene in food and chemical conveyance

EHEDG, QHD, 3-A Sanitary Standards, materials specifications of the FDA and BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) – the list of hygiene guidelines for......

Mixing in batch mode or continuous flow

A well-considered decision

Batch mode or continuous flow? There is no way of subsequently telling how the final product of a mixing process was manufactured. Depending on the......

Plant Processing

Barrel emptying system

With the Netzsch barrel emptying system, practically any type of media from any size of barrel can be removed. With the use of a secondary plate, a complete......


Easy cleanable tablet coater

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau developed the LC coater series specially for coating tablets. Besides user-friendliness and ease-of-cleaning, great importance was......

Hygienic bag discharge

Goodbye to dust

There are many possible ways to minimise dust formation during bag discharge. Regardless of whether a simple bag discharge station or one with an integrated......

Versatile labelling centre for batches of any size

Printed and applied at breakneck speed

The label on a bottle of medicine is taken for granted by every patient and usually given no further thought. Everyone expects to see the correct product name......

Mobile system for pumping high-viscosity fluids

Down to the last drop

Handling high-viscosity, pasty fluids that are just non flowing is a critical point in the production process. A cream and ointment manufacturer decided to use......

Flexible production of semi-solid pharmaceuticals

Well equipped for the future

Maximum flexibility in the production of creams, ointments and gels was the key factor behind Qualiphar-Gifrers decision to invest in a new plant. The BG 2000......

Filter media compliant with European food law

Tested down to the last detail

The chemical industry manufactures a large number of products for use within the food chain, e.g. vitamins, silicates, oxides, food colourings, etc. Products......

From the feasibility study to the production plant

Dry material processing

Glatt’s Technology Center in Weimar provides units and systems of different capacities for the production of granules and pellets from powders or solid......

Measurement and control technology for sea water desalination

Rough exterior hides intelligent core

In areas with little or only contaminated ground and surface water, the desalination of sea water to obtain drinking water plays a major role. To ensure......

High channel density ensures space in the control cabinet

Interface technology 2.0

Turck’s interface module backplane combines up to 32 I/O channels with electrical isolation and a redundant power supply in a minimum of space, thus......

Modular concept for pressure transmitters

Customised solutions available

Pressure transmitters in process industries face a wide spectrum of challenges. No matter whether the application demands hygiene, explosion safety, SIL......

Optical oxygen process sensors with Atex approval and Hart protocol

Transmitter integrated

Sensors supply control systems, diagnostic tools or process control instruments with a lot of information. In order to be ready for the future, sensors must be......

Product serialisation is ready for the next step

Numbering alone is not enough

About 10 % of all drugs sold globally are fake – equivalent to a massive 200 billion USD annually. The industry first began to tackle the problem of......

Customised technology for diverse applications

Every plant is one of a kind

In the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, special solutions are needed for customised manufacturing processes at a variety of locations......

Plants and processes for the production of ophthalmic medicines

Easy on the eye

Ophthalmic medicines are pharmaceutical products that are applied directly to the eyeball, conjunctiva or conjunctival sac. Sterility is a top priority in this......

Dry-running mechanical seal for agitators and mixers

Outside Atex

If the Atex directive imposes strict requirements with regard to monitoring, dry-running mechanical seals can quickly become uneconomical. Chetra has therefore......


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