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Heat exchanger fouling

This handbook presents, now in the second completely worked over and enlarged edition, the most important technologies concerning the reduction of fouling in......


PAC-based batch control system

Mitsubishi Electric has moved the execution of recipes traditionally carried out using PCs as well as interfacing to the process and fundamental process......

Reduces energy consumption up to 50 %

Energy-saving drive

Motor operation is responsible for roughly 70 % of electricity consumption of the industrial sector. Most of the time, the energy is used in an inefficient......


Bright light in any environment

R. Stahl’s 6149/2 series of inspection lamps is equipped with LEDs instead of cold cathode tubes (CCFL). Compared with the predecessor models, the revised......

Process I/O in potentially explosive atmospheres

Safety in the danger zone

Optimum connection of process I/O in explosion-protected areas is a decisive factor, not only with respect to safety, but also from an economic standpoint......

Intelligent sensors create new possibilities

Data integrity in process analysis

Hamilton first introduced the ARC system at Achema 2009 in Frankfurt. This concept led to a paradigm shift in process analysis because ARC integrates the......

Radar technology provides reliable ammonia levels

Measuring anhydrous ammonia precisely

Ammonia is widely used in many processes in the chemical industry. Amongst other things, it is the raw material for the production of fertilisers. It is also......

Reduced energy consumption during idle times

Don’t wait, switch off

Recent trends toward the use of efficient drives and optimised application processes have been accompanied by significant energy savings. One aspect that has......

Copes with high viscosities

Reactor for solvent-free polymer processing

Converting the polymer industry to solvent-free polymerisation processes and avoiding unnecessary recirculation decreases energy consumption and reduces waste......

Determining energy values of water and steam

More accuracy in heat and cold measurements

Measurements of heat quantities in water and steam are common in many industrial sectors. Although these measurements are standard procedures in industrial......

Emerson announces Smart Energy Initiative

Optimising energy production and use

Emerson Process Management has announced the Smart Energy Initiative, a global programme designed to combine its unmatched industrial energy expertise with......

Heat exchangers help to beat the energy crisis

Profit by reusing waste heat

As common sense would dictate, the first step towards increased energy efficiency is to start using less energy. Recovering heat can fundamentally change the......

Achema prospects

The future of the process control system

‘The process control system of the future will as a coherent automation system bring together all factors affecting productivity and optimum operation.’......

Pump fulfils standards

Hygienic aspects have priority

The Lutz B70V Sanitary eccentric screw pump was developed and designed for pumping liquid foodstuffs, pharmaceutical agents and cosmetic products from......

Increasing process reliability with lubrication know-how

Taking reactions into account

Selection of the correct lubricant for oil-injected screw-type process gas compressors has a great impact on the reliability and profitability of the entire......

White FFKM seals for pharmaceutical applications

A material to withstand combined strains

Ideally, seals made of elastomeric materials should offer lasting resistance to aggressive media, high temperatures, high pressures or a combination of the......

Single-shaft kneader enables automatic processing

At turbo speed

How can complex handling in kneading processes be minimised, processing times shortened and maintenance costs reduced? The answer lies in automated systems......

Optimal temperature control of reactors

Economical temperature control

Temperature control of reactors requires highly dynamic control systems. When specifying the most suitable temperature control system, a variety of conditions......

Self-cleaning cartridge filter for suspended matter

Risk of contamination banished

What good is reliable filtration of respirable, harmful or toxic dust and suspended matter if contamination risks arise for operators and the environment as......

Continuous conveyance, even with 35 % dry matter content

Bridge breaker prevents plant downtime

Highly dewatered sewage sludge is characterised not only by poor flow properties but also by an increased tendency to form material bridges. Unfortunately......

Mechanical membrane cleaning during filtration

MBR technology without chemicals

Membrane bioreactors have a compact design and deliver a high effluent quality. However, the membranes have to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning chemicals......


Dosing screw with hygienic design

The solids dosing screw Type DSC Hygienic was designed for maximal production hygiene. The construction is made of stainless steel in suitable quality. All......

The order of the century gets bigger still

1000th dosing and mixing system handed over to Lego

The so far largest single order in the history of injection moulding ancillaries continues to grow. In September 2011, as part of the production inauguration......


Milton Roy named new president

22.03.2012 – Jean-Claude Pharamond, Milton Roy Company CEO for 12 years, has recently announced his retirement in March 2012. Suellen Torregrosa was......

Controlling the uncontrollable

Bürkert receives patent management award

Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG won this year’s IP Management Award for intellectual property. With this award the Fraunhofer IAO Institute for......

Top results in 2011

BASF sets ambitious goals for environment

16.03.2012 – BASF significantly surpassed the record levels of 2010 in sales and earnings, and thus again earned a high premium on its cost of capital in......


Wacker expands polymer site in China

08-03.2012 – Wacker Chemie AG is expanding its Chi-nese polymer activities by investing around €40 million in building two new production facilities at its......


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