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Quick couplings for cryogenics

In this brochure Walther-Präzision presents its series Walcryo for cryogenic applications. It was mainly developed for extracting cryogenic gases from mobile......


Compact heat exchangers

The present handbook gives an overview close to practice concerning the technologies and material engineering of compact heat exchangers. It deals among others......


Earthed plastic pallet for IBCs

Schütz developed a plastic pallet designed especially for use in ex-zones. This application was previously reserved chiefly for steel pallets. The earthing......

Fully integrated software suite offers savings of up to 50 %

A structured life cycle engineering approach

Engineers looking to develop and deliver integrated Scada systems, and then operate and maintain those systems over a lifetime that could see many ongoing......

Flexible thermal insulation system for complex pipes

Intelligent insulation

Until now, industrial plants in high-temperature areas such as heating/steam systems or thermal oil units had to use either mineral wool with sheet metal......


Steriliser gets FDA approval

Vapovac the latest technology for H2O2 gas sterilisation of pharmaceutical freeze dryers from GEA Lyophil, has recently achieved approval from the US Food and......

Diaphragm seal systems for safety applications

Reduced risk

Diaphragm seals enable measuring instruments for pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure to be adapted to even the harshest of tasks. They come......

Custom components made of cemented carbide

Not off the rack: optimum wear protection

A great number of criteria have to be considered when choosing the most suitable material. Apart from corrosion and abrasion strength, the total costs also......

Materials challenges in the chemical industry

Fine-tuned for operation in production

An array of materials are available for the construction of equipment, pipelines and components in the chemical industry. In addition to pure metallic and......

Solutions to improve stability

Water hammer in valves

No matter how carefully a facility is planned and constructed, the risk of pressure surges cannot always be completely ruled out, particularly if the plant is......

Service around the clock

Rental service for compressors

In spite of all these precautions that have been taken by each producing company, failures of blowers and compressors for the compressed-air supply may happen......

Pick-up, conveying and feeding of bulk materials

Efficient vacuum

Total cost of ownership (TCO) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) are now-adays more important for industrial items than a supposedly low purchase price......

Bulk solids measurements in the chemical industry

A firm grip on material flow

A flexible measuring technology package has been compiled by SWR Engineering for bulk solids. The spectrum covers everything from microwave to radar measuring......

Vacuum systems and portable vacuums for potentially explosive areas

Several routes, one objective

In areas that carry a risk of dust explosion, vacuum systems and portable vacuums have an important job to do. At the same time, they require special measures......

Sample preparation of solids with the Ultra Centrifugal Mill

Quick and gentle grinding

In many laboratories, a great number of different samples are prepared day by day. For size reduction of solids down to analytical fineness, a mill is required......

Preparing samples with high-speed dispersers

Probed pills

Precise analyses are obtained through homogeneous dispersion of the contents and a very high degree of extraction. In order to analyse the active ingredients......

Safety in reverse osmosis processes

Reliably pure water

Pharmaceutical water is needed for a variety of different applications – whether in tablet production, for making ointments or when cleaning systems. Pure......

Reducing costs with oil and water-repellent filter media

Energy-efficient filter fleece with lotus effect

During filter separation of water, oils, emulsions and aerosols, stainless steel and synthetic fibre-fleece filter media tend to become clogged quickly with......

Non-invasive flow measurement of process gases

Clamp-on solution for full plant availability

In the chemical industry, where aggressive and hazardous media are commonplace, experts are happy to resort to clamp-on technology for flow measurements. Long......

Pressure measurements for aseptic processes

Precise control of even the gentlest breeze

Contamination control is a top priority in aseptic production processes. Airflows and pressure zones are employed regardless of the room concept, whether......

FDA-compliant mixer shaft seal designed as a split version

Conversion without problems

The Simmerring Radiamatic HTS II PTFE shaft seal was developed for sealing stirrers and mixers used in sterile processes and food production. By utilising a......

Ideal for formulation development

Laboratory machine for mixing and granulating

At this year’s Interpack, Diosna presented an advanced version of its P 1 – 6 laboratory mixer/granulator for the production of tablet granules. The......

Measures to implement GMP-compliant production

Secure packaging processes

GMP-compliant production demands a holistic view of all relevant areas. Quality cannot be “inspected” into a product. Taking a risk-based approach, it is......

Bonn University tests the new extruder

Continuous production in monoblock design

L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren from Ennigerloh, Germany, has developed solutions for the continuous production in the pharmaceutical industry. Bohle started......

Rinsing the exterior of vials, ampoules and cartridges

Crimping and rinsing in a twin pack

Bausch+Ströbel has developed an ingenious combination of a crimping machine and a machine for rinsing the exterior of vials, ampoules and cartridges in the......


Changes to the Executive Board

26.09.2011 – Effective from 1 January 2012, Mr. Fredy Hiltmann (56) is to be appointed as a new member of the Executive Board of SIMONA AG....

Successful company

KSB celebrates 140th anniversary

On 18 September, the pump and valve manufacturer KSB turned 140 years old. Company founder Johannes Klein started production in 1871 with the help of 12......


Flexible hoses with system

The Masterflex Templine heated hose system features several heating conductors which spiral around the medium-carrying hose and are fixed in a stable yarn......


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