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Safe hose system cuts maintenance costs in milk powder production

Food grade and antistatic

Every year, Alpi, a company based in Ried im Innkreis (Austria) converts 200 million kilograms of skimmed milk and whey into milk and whey powder......

Electronic circuit breakers protect gas liquefaction plant

Danger foreseen – danger averted

Natural gas is one of the leading alternative energy choices for the fuel industry today and is considered the cleanest burning fossil fuel with minimal......

Interface links fire alarm systems and gas detectors

When every second counts

When an accident occurs, toxic or explosive gases can quickly cause significant damage either by poisoning the air or by starting fires. To protect employees......

Wire 2010 and Tube 2010

A success story continued

Last year’s economic trough has definitely been left behind and business is picking up again. This is reflected by the euphoria prevailing among the just......

AchemAsia 2010

Positive summary of intensive exchange

Fruitful discussions, a very high quality of visitors, a positive atmosphere – that’s the summary of exhibitors and organisers at the conclusion of the......


Ohne Titel

Subitec GmbH, based in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, was founded in 2000 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB)......

Photobioreactor for the production of valuable substances and energy from microalgae

Nutrients from flue

With the Flat Panel Airlift Photobioreactor, algae biomass can be utilised on an industrial scale by exploiting solar energy. Numerous valuable substances such......

Improved static mixer for laminar flow

Smaller pressure loss at same performance

The Fluitec CSE-X mixer is designed for applications that have to meet very exacting requirements. From gasification through homogenisation to mixing processes......

System partner for air pollution control

A clean solution

High quality and process reliability have always been important requirements for exhaust air purification. To offer the equipment at competitive prices, a......

Process Engineering

Sustainable chemistry

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS (EMB), a Bayer Technology Services company, and Lonza signed a worldwide manufacturing and distribution license agreement together......

Plant Processing

Applies labels and codes

Marchesini’s labelling machine BL400 applies and checks tracking codes of pharmaceutical products and also labels with different code combinations. The model......

Plant Processing

Cuts out waiting

Recent research into the operation of Michell Instruments´ ceramic sensor technology has helped the dew-point hygrometer MDM300 provide faster measurements......

Plant Processing

Hotmelt labelling

No matter whether exceptional container shapes, different label materials or tightly determined time periods are concerned – Langguth’s labeller hotLAN......


Aseptic control valve

The series SCV-09 aseptic control valves from Badger Meter meet the 3A sanitary standards. Thanks to the patented dia-phragm innervalve design, they show good......

Process Engineering

Metathesis Catalysts

The Catalysts Business Line of Evonik Industries has expanded its portfolio of metathesis catalysts. The three homogeneous catalysts cover a broad spectrum of......

Plant Processing

Cartridge ball valves

Flowserve introduced the McCanna cartridge ball valve, designed to help reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity in hazardous or remote applications......

Mobile operator stations provide process and plant information to operators and maintenance staff

More flexibility with wireless solution

Emerson Process Management’s plant-wide wireless network is helping to improve maintenance and operator efficiency – and increase plant flexibility –......

Self-cleaning compounder without dead spots enables continuous production of tablet mixtures

GMP-compliant hot melt extrusion

At its in-house congress on “Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion”, held on April 15, 2010, Coperion, Stuttgart/Germany, provided around 100 guests from the......

Hose lines for a hygienic production process

Smooth flow

Products for feeding and treating people must be kept as free from damaging influences as possible. However, safe products can only be manufactured using......

Lifting column for the pharmaceutical industry

Sets container handling in motion

In pharmaceutical production, containers and modules such as conveying or screening systems frequently have to be located above processing machines. They then......


Wireless Ex command devices

With the product line Ex RF BF 80, steute presents a series of wireless command devices completely developed for application in potentially explosive......


Sterile vacuum processing

Romaco is expanding its prod-uct range in the field of sterile manufacturing processes with the FrymaKoruma Frymix II vacuum processing machine. The technology......

More than 16,000 visitors came to Powtech and Technopharm 2010

Positive signals

This year’s organisation of the three international events – Powtech, Technopharm and the World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT6) – in parallel......

Process Engineering

Compact bag filters

Filters of the ProJet smart series from Intensiv-Filter are suitable for many ranges of application with volume flows of about 20,000 m³/h. Compact filters of......


Effective containment system

In particular for environments where it is essential to work hygienically, safely and efficiently because of specific cleanliness requirements, explosion......

Plant Processing

Energy-saving motors

Nord Drivesystems has implemented a three point concept for its energy-saving motors which fulfill the globally applicable requirements of the new IEC standard......


Gelatin membrane technology

The AirPort MD8 from Sartorius Stedim Biotech uses the gelatin membrane filter method for virus collection. Among the advantages of the AirPort MD8 air sampler......

Plant Processing

Dry vacuum pumps

Dryvac pumps and system combinations from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum are rugged, reliable and durable, ready to fulfill stringent process requirements. The......

Plant Processing

Software to support R&D

Stavex is a user-friendly PC-based software system from Aicos enabling experimenters in research and development to apply statistical design and analysis of......

The microwave barrier proves itself in rough environments


Sometimes it’s worthwhile looking at older technologies from a new viewpoint. For a long time the microwave barrier was considered to be something only for......

Surge voltage protection devices increase availability from the sensor right up to the control

Lightning strikes don’t stand a chance

The failure of signal circuits in instrumentation and control (I&C) systems due to transient overvoltages can cause a lot of damage. The availability of......

Coriolis mass flowmeters display precision and robustness

Accuracy assured

The exact dosing of raw materials and ingredients is crucial to the quality of the end product. That is why in most cases users who attach great importance to......

Scenario calculations for an optimised supply chain

Helpful recipe against uncertainty

In the light of increasing volatility, a more challenging planning environment as well as ongoing cost pressure, scenario calculations are gaining in......

The link between fluoropolymer and the mechanically load-bearing structure

Fabric backings make the difference

Bonded fluoropolymer linings for protection against corrosion require a sufficiently strong bond between the fluoropolymer and the mechanically load-bearing......

Diaphragm valves with streamlined contours

Better flow values with the same size

Closely aligned with user requirements, the generation of diaphragm valves described below is not only reliable and easy to operate, it is also efficient and......

WFI water and CIP/SIP processes put materials under pressure

Sealing has to be learned

Certification of modern elastomer sealing substances based on FDA or USP Class VI guidelines is often insufficient today. The materials must also be able to......

Electric actuators in asset management systems

One step ahead the CIA

Today, data collection and safeguarding is like child’s play. Drawing correct conclusions is more difficult though. The case must be solved by both the......

Heat exchanger tubes with inner-grooved surface

High level of energy efficiency

In order to increase the efficiency of heat exchangers in process engineering and reduce their size, the manufacturing trend is towards inner-grooved tubes and......

Heating jacket enables accurate heat dosing

Well tempered tubes

Tube heaters have a critical impact on process results when used with temperature-sensitive media or processes. Watlow’s gas and pump line heaters are......


Evonik expands its presence in India

Evonik Industries has acquired the precious metal powder catalysts business of Ravindra Heraeus Pvt. Limited, Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). As stipulated in the......

Polyisobutene Production

BASF starts up new plant

BASF has started up a new plant for the production of low-molecular-weight, highly reactive polyisobutene (HR PIB) at its site in Ludwigshafen, Germany, thus......

Affiliation is sealed

Reimelt is now called Zeppelin

Since June 1st 2010, the Reimelt Henschel GmbH operates under the name of Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH and the Zeppelin Silos & Systems GmbH is renamed as......


Informative news catalogue

Weidmüller presents the catalogue „News 2009/2010“, taking on the successful concept of its precursors which had been well received on the market. „News......

AchemAsia 2010

Positive summary of intensive exchange

Fruitful discussions, a very high quality of visitors, a positive atmosphere – that’s the summary of exhibitors and organizers at the conclusion of the......


Second Namur Conference in China

Namur as a user association of automation in the process industry has many member companies, which have production sites and service activities in China......


Wacker aquires production site

Wacker Chemie AG is acquiring the Norwegian Fesil Group’s silicon-metal production site in Holla (near Trondheim). The two companies signed a purchase......

European Flow Centre

ISO 17025 accreditation for flow calibration

Emerson’s European Flow Centre’s calibration procedures and facilities have been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 (General requirements......


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