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Pharmaceuticals distribution centre with 170,000 picks per day

High-end logistics centre

The Merckle/Ratiopharm pharmaceuticals group recently built a logistics centre at its Ulm/Donautal location. This highly automated facility is Germany’s......

High temperature dedusting with hot-gas dry filters

Contamination avoided

Particularly in energy recovery sytems, dust-laden waste gases, for example from production processes, frequently have to be cleaned of entrained particles. At......

VGPlus trays increase capacity without changing the diameter of the column

Up to 30 % more power

The trays in the V-Grid family are used successfully in applications such as separation or absorption columns, which are common in the petrochemical industry......

Isolator for vacuum drying oven with integrated slurry filter

Drying without cross contamination

In order to avoid open product handling with toxic components, an isolator is flanged onto the VSD vacuum drying oven. This isolator is equipped with a......

Fluid bed drying of suspensions and solutions

Fine particles in one step

Nowadays, the most common way to obtain very fine particles from suspensions is a combination of spray drying and a subsequent grinding process. This grinding......

Multipurpose gravimetric blender station

Feeding a wide variety of bulk materials

The K4G gravimetric blender station can easily be adapted for the required application, for example volumetric or gravimetric, continuous or discontinuous......

Inline dispersing machine with separate pumping and dispersing areas

Without additional peripheral devices

In the development of the Master-Plant series the main focus was laid on applications, which up to now could only be realized using several different process......

Downloadable CAD templates for engineers

Just two or three clicks

CAD templates can be downloaded from a manufacturer’s web site and directly inserted into a CAD modelling program. An engineer uses this service 168 times a......

n.g.neering offers qualified process management

Engineering cooperation

In line with the principle “Strength in unity”, Infraserv Gendorf and IGS, Gersthofen, expect to benefit from technological and methodological synergies......

Actuators for plastic valves in piping systems

Complete product family

The Georg Fischer line of actuators is now complete with the addition of the EA 21 electric actuator. This type combines particularly flexible use based on a......

High accuracy and repeatability

Pulse-free metering pumps

Whenever the amount of fluid being pumped to a process is critical for quality control of the end product, the SMP pulse-free pumps in the HY series provide an......

Improved operational reliability at lower pump operating costs

Cartridge seals in pumps

Mechanical seals influence the MTBF rate and life-cycle of pumps to a considerable extent, and can thus make a key contribution to achieving reliable and......

Stress-free assembly of glass pipes with flexible pipe joints

Relieving tension

Glass pipes and plants are characterised by outstanding reliability and performance with low maintenance costs. The mechanical stability of glass is limited......

Generating oil-free compressed air from the outset

Complete safety

Absolutely oil-free compressed air, which has never come into contact with oil, is required for many applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical......

Optimisation of cleaning and changeover times in pharmaceutical production

Enhanced production systems

Production time in the pharmaceutical industry accounts for only one fifth of the total lead time. The remaining four fifths are spent on cleaning and......


With high resolution

The Combics series from Sartorius is a new and innovative family of weighing equipment for use in industry. For weighing applications in hazardous areas, the......


Intrinsically safe

The intrinsically safe (Ex-i) input and output isolators round off the functions of the Hart communication-oriented Process Interface product series from......


Time saving tube fittings

Parker Instrumentation has completed its family of rapid-assembly 1034 bar compression tube fittings, with the release of 15 additional component shapes. Using......


High sensitivity

The Neo Monitors LaserGas II gas monitor is designed for continuous in-situ monitoring. LaserGas models detect in the ppb and low ppm ranges. Response time is......


Laser particle size analyser

The Saturn DigiSizer 5200 from Micromeritics automatically measures particle sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1000 µm in just minutes. Optional features such as......


Diaphragm dosing pump

With Magdos LT Lutz-Jesco has developed a solenoid-driven diaphragm pump with a microprocessor-controlled electronic. The electronic provides power to the pump......


High suction speed

The vacuum pump N 920 from KNF Neuberger pumps down very efficiently, with great process reliability. This is made possible by an innovative diaphragm......


Energy and space saving

The BSD 81 rotary screw compressor from Kaeser provides an air delivery of 8.15 m³/min at 7.5 bar and further extends the BSD range of Kaeser screw......


Plastic plain bearings

Extreme resistance to wear for soft shafts was previously limited to application temperatures up to approx. 130 °C. Igus has now developed the material......


SIL calculation tool

The Hima SILence SIL calculation software ist TÜV-confirmed IEC 61508-compliant. SILence makes it easy to calculate the probability of failures and SIL values......


Positive displacement flowmeter

The Brodie BiRotor Plus is a high performance positive displacement meter for accurate oil and petroleum measurement in 3 and 4“ lines. It is a volume flow......


Compact valve actuator

EM-Technik developed the compact double-wing part-turn valve actuator. The construction principle is simple and extremely effective, the torque is directly......


Sanitary magnetic flowmeter

The Rosemount 8721 magnetic flowmeter is designed specifically for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, and has achieved EHEDG......


Avoid leak trouble

Elfab has designed a pressure-relief assembly specifically to prevent environmental contamination in severe process conditions. The Double-Disc Opti-Gard......


Ex-protected PDA

With the three Bluetooth-compatible models 410, 510-Ex and 610-Ex of the PDA i.roc series ecom has expanded the range of applications for industrially suitable......


On a single platform

The Dräger Polytron 7000 is a gas detector that can satisfy nearly all toxic and oxygen gas measurement applications on a single platform. The software menu......


Mixing small volumes

The VT1000 series of Helisem VT mixer range of Dosapro Milton Roy is designed for mixing small volumes. It can be used in 50 l to 2 m³ tanks. As every VT, it......


Fixed gas detectors

Covering flammable, toxic and oxygen hazards, the Xgard range of Crowcon gas detectors features a universal junction box and replacement sensors which simply......


Liquid for leak detection

Hoke liquid Leak Detective for detecting leaks in pressurised gas systems is now available from Circor Instrumentation in two types, one for regular......


Precise dosage

Bronkhorst has solved the problem of simple, controlled liquid dosing at very low flow rates with the Liquiflow pump controller for automated mass flow control......


Interchangeable feed units

With the Easy Change variant of the Brabender FlexWallPlus Feeder with paddle-massage flexible PUR hopper, the hopper, screw, screw tube and casing of the......


Actuators with up to 500 Nm

Aris has expanded its economic N range to the size N8 for torques up to 500 Nm by using a special planetary gear. N8 actuators can be supplied for all......

Interface measurement in liquids

Guided once – reflected twice

As a member of the plics family, the Vegaflex 67 measuring instrument offers considerably simplified detection of liquid interfaces. It utilises the guided......

Modular instrument concept for a wide range of applications

Rheology quick and easy

The four rheometers in the Physica MCR series cover tasks from simple quali- ty control to demanding R&D work. These rheometers are remarkable for their......

Pharmaceutical-safe rubber seal prevents the growth of germs

Stainless steel IPCs

The special feature of the stainless steel industrial PCs of the Steel Series is the fully-enclosed design without ventilation slots and external fans......

Industry expertise rates EMF as a reference device

3 x 100 % diagnostics

From a measurement technology viewpoint, the Optiflux range of electro- magnetic flow meters was one of the highlights at this year’s Interkama fair. These......

Economical and safe process control

Fully automated pH measurement

Processes with highly corrosive, solvent-based, abrasive, fibrous or sticky media are inevitably maintenance and cost-intensive. Fully automated solutions seem......


New business leader

3M announces the appointment of William (Bill) Myers to the position of president of Dyneon LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M. Myers comes to Dyneon from......


New Name for Braun Biotech

B. Braun Biotech International GmbH (BBI), a subsidiary of the Sartorius Group, has a new brand name. The name of this Melsungen-based manufacturer of......


20,000 dosing pumps sold

ProMinent Fluid Controls Ltd is delighted to announce that sales of its precision dosing pumps has passed 20,000 units since the beginning of the new......

Material Handling

Cooperation between AZO and hsh-Systeme

AZO, Osterburken, Germany, and hsh-Systeme, Neckarsulm, Germany, are establishing the joint enterprise hsh-Systeme für Prozess-IT. The activities will centre......

hydrogen peroxide

Eka Chemicals increase capacity

Eka Chemicals, a business unit in Akzo Nobel, has decided to increase its production capacity for hydrogen peroxide at the plants in Bohus and Alby, Sweden......


Precision mixers

The amixon concern is formed by Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Ruberg as a limited company that would trade precision mixers on an international scale. amixon GmbH......

New names for Sartorius Group companies GWT and Boekels

Core brand momentum strengthened

On 1 June 2004, the Sartorius Group companies Global Weighing Technologies (GWT) in Hamburg and Boekels GmbH & Co. KG in Aachen changed their company and......

Larox concentrates activities at its new Competence Centre in Alsdorf

An important hub for solid-liquid filtration

Following the acquisition of Outokumpu’s filtration business, Larox has emerged as a leading global technology provider in the field of suspension......


Excellent opportunities

China’s economy is booming and it offers outstanding opportunities for equipment manufacturers, plant engineers and technology suppliers in the chemical......


Leak tester

The Uson Qualitek 3000 pressure differential leak tester is a flexible and highly sensitive instrument developed to simplify complex test sequences. Offered as......


For cryogenic media

The T675N delivery system for cryogenic media is based on an electronic totalizing system and is designed to accurately compute and display pertinent flow......


Easily visible

The Jumbo-CelsiDot excess temperature alarm labels allow for monitoring process- and safety relevant drive and control components like electric motors......


Trace oxygen analysers

The Solartron Mobrey analysers series 3000 and the two-wire, loop powered 4…20 mA transmitter Insta Trans (IP 65) easily detect either ppm or percent......


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