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Plant Processing

Predictive maintenance with augmented reality and OCR

Maintenance 4.0

For some time now, all the talk has been of “Industry 4.0”. This innovative glimmer of hope is now a beacon that also extends to “Maintenance 4.0”. Virtualisation and networking are key elements of Maintenance 4.0 as well as clear trends of the fourth industrial age. Feverish work...

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Triple offset butterfly valve meets TA-Luft and ISO 15848 requirements

Leak test passed

Zetrix, the triple offset butterfly valve from ARI, has already proved to be extremely versatile, durable and highly reliable in practice, even in harsh...

Solenoid valve without air consumption

Energy-efficient solution

Components that require little energy to ensure economic and energy-efficient plant operation are becoming more and more important. In automated valves...

3D printing of fluoropolymers allows more design freedom

PTFE components off the printer

3M has developed a technology to print fully fluorinated polymers in 3D, which is particularly exciting with PTFE applications. Complex structures can be...

Durable vacuum pump solutions

What to consider when designing and operating

When choosing an ideal vacuum solution, price tends to be one of the most important considerations. However, prioritising price over performance and quality...

Energy-efficient motor diaphragm dosing pumps

With EC motor and all-in-one drive concept

With regard to life cycle costs and the energy efficiency guidelines that will also be extended to motors with other designs and smaller capacities in the...

Well prepared for the future

Beko closes gap in compressed air drying

Compressed air has become an indispensable medium in a wide range of processes. For three decades, Beko Technologies has been providing the industry with...

Smart converter combined with efficient technology

Pump motor with IE5 classification

The use of energy-efficient motors is standard in new buildings as well as in newly planned production facilities – the demonstrable cost-effectiveness...

Oil-free compressor for volume flows up to 600 Nm3/h

Vertical design saves space

The completely oil-free TRZ 1000 two-stage compressor developed by Mehrer Compression is characterised by a lean, vertical design and multiple uses. In...


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